So much of tea is taken in England – in Ganapatipule tea is taken twice a day at most (1989-0611); To get the optimum delight of drinking tea, one should take one spoonful of sugar, not more not less – the same sort of thing applies in life, not too much, not too little (1980-0517.2); You people take too much tea… it’s very injurious for the intestines… so much tea… is very wrong… plus milk with it… milk gives you diarrhoea. Limit your tea taking… or if you have to take many cups of tea, see that it is a very light tea. But this Marathi tea… only one cup in the morning is sufficient. Too much tea is very dangerous, it’s not good for you… so limit your tea taking. Because of this tea, your stomach goes out of order… you cannot sleep… it’s a wrong thing. So reduce your intake of tea. Water should be increased… more of water, less of tea; If you see how much our Mother takes tea… She may even take 10 cups… just to please us, but no sugar and no milk (1988-1221)

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