The trouble with Sahaja Yogis, as they are today, is that they are all technocrats… it would be better… that they should forget about techniques, and worry more about spontaneity. Too much of techniques kills spontaneity – a balance has to be struck… between techniques… and spontaneity. Firstly, you got your Realisation by spontaneity… Sahaja. Naturally by temperament… you are technocrats – you have to have a technique… a Tantra, a mechanism (0.0011)

How to become subtler is the problem. To attack such a question from a subtle point of view, you have to first of all know, that you are a Sahaja Yogi… no technique is needed… just your vibrations on this question to begin with – it’s very simple… the subtler things are the simpler things… gross things are complicated things… it’s very simple (0.0011)

So this intellect, which is now being enlightened, Prabuddha… you must use it in a subtler way. As we are all technocrats, we are right sided… we are very right sided people… all the Sahaja Yogis today are 99.9% are right sided… even in India… and this movement towards the right side is overdone. So now to bring Sahaja Yogis to normalcy, is to bring them to the left side. Under these circumstances, one has to think of those people who really love God – there is bhakti… there is devotion. They don’t think… they don’t worry… they are blindly following God – you have to develop… that shraddha… that faith… that love. Start with your heart… just give up talking about it… just start feeling your heart… not your mouth so much… as your heart (0.0011)

What do we do when we love… what are the signs and symptoms. I don’t know, in the West, if that glimpse of love is also there or not… but you can see it in this country still (India – Ed). Say, a mother for example, if her child is sick… she will not sleep a wink… she will not. She will not think of her comfort… of what time she slept… or got up… she won’t think of her food… nothing. She will just want that her son will be alright… she will have no desire left, but to see that her son is cured (0.0011)

In Sahaja Yoga you don’t have to sacrifice anything… and what is promised is Swaraj, in the real sense… is the domain of the Spirit. Always you get added advantage, in this way or that… you are blessed every moment – count your blessings. And one should start understanding that these blessings are for us to become more loving, more generous and sacrificing. The idea that we are sacrificing, itself is an ego oriented idea… what do you sacrifice… what do we have… to sacrifice. You have to give Realisation… you have to take responsibility of Sahaja Yoga now… you have to become responsible for it, in your own way. You have to do it, because you are doing it for the greater good – the more you think of the greater good it is doing… the better it will be for you. All these are the qualities of the left side… the heart… the Atma. Atma is all the time giving… it cannot receive – that is why it is untarnishable… it is unsurmountable… nothing… nobody… can dominate it… it is above (0.0011)

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0.0011 Weekend seminar in Pune, Tape 1 good 180

– end – 17 Jun 2003