People who have teeth which are troubling them, must look after them. It’s no good just going to the dentist… simple thing is to use some olive oil and some salt… rub it on your gums nicely every day before sleeping… that will keep your teeth alright. You will be amazed… that til today, I have not been to any dentist… but one thing is there… that I brush my teeth quite a lot. Don’t use electrical toothbrushes and all that… but use brushes, or use your fingers. The best way is to rub with salt and oil… is very good for you… and allow the whole thing to come out (1986-0504)

The Neem trees that grow in India, are very good for driving out all the baddhas. It has a very bitter taste and the baddhas run away from it. They are very oxygen creating plants, and we use them as toothbrushes. One twig is taken and chewed into, and then we go on cleaning our teeth with it for an hour or so… and go on… while talking to people – you have to chew it very well. So the teeth are kept very well (1988-1207)

Organs can be lethargic if we eat too much carbohydrate type of food – in which case, we should take more proteins. There is no harm in taking meat – it is best not to eat meat from animals larger than yourself, because it can cause problems with the teeth… and not cows, especially Indian cows (1983-0131); The teeth are controlled by the Vishuddhi (1979-0722)

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– end – 10 Apr 2003