Make your ego be challenged… not to get into temper… try that your ego doesn’t react… that can be achieved very easily if you try… in the mirror, look at yourself, and laugh at yourself… make fun of yourself (1986-0504)

The only time when you should really be angry… when you cannot tolerate anything against your Mother… or Sahaja Yoga… and one can get into a tremendous temper – so to say that a Realised Soul should not get into a temper is a wrong thing… then, the anger is spontaneous. But you need not do anything… I can look after myself – but the reaction is correct… the reaction is correct (1988-0921; 1977-0215)

The people who are in the centre are quiet and silent people… they never show off… but… they can sometimes get into temper, which is necessary, if they are to protect the protocol of their Mother, or could be of Sahaja Yoga, or of God (1983-0209)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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