The rising of the Kundalini can happen in the split of a second if you are really ready. For children it takes no time, but for elderly people or people who are involved into some extremes, it might not rise. Like for an athlete or a big tennis player… it doesn’t rise… because he thinks he’s a big tennis player… he’s a big man… and a great person… and so the Kundalini says ‘alright wait for a while… you’re too great for me’, so it doesn’t rise. Also for people who are working very hard, or doing something too much, the Kundalini doesn’t rise (1979-0720)

Most people who are temperate, who are in the centre, who are not arrogant, who are humble people… only for them the Kundalini rises. People cannot understand why in some very simple ordinary people who come to me, the Kundalini rises, and when these big big people come to me, it does not rise. It’s a simple thing… are you a human being who has led a normal balanced simple life? If you are an abnormal person… then the Kundalini is not for them (1979-0720)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1979-0720 Cardiff Public Program good 30

– end – 8 May 2003