It is the central channel… which gives us the temperature that we have and is lukewarm, as opposed to the hot right side and the cool left side (1980-0517.2); You can put the clay on the stomach to take out the temperature… it’s a natural way (1988-1221)

Cool Breeze… is very temperate… it’s not a thing that is freezingly cold… if it is freezingly cold, that means left side. Cool breeze is actually never ‘very cold’… it’s not freezing. It could be hot with some people… it could be very cool… because of their problems… but if you are a normal person, you feel a cooler sensation… it is slightly less than your body temperature… it’s not so very cooling as to freeze you – if it is hot, there is something wrong with you (1981-0524); It is cool… because the All Pervading Power is felt like that… when your Spirit is enlightened. It is existing everywhere… but you never felt it before… you start feeling it when your Spirit is awakened (1981-0524)

High fever means 104…; 100 is no temperature…; 101-102 is alright once in a while. You see temperature is there because of the heat… 102 is nothing… it’s not much. If it’s 104, we start worrying; Don’t take a hot bath in the open… always get into cold water… cold is always good (1988-1221)

If you take a bath with hot water in the open, sure shot you will get a temperature… you should never take your bath, in the open or with the window open, with hot water(1988-1221); If you take a bath with cold water, you can never catch cold because the temperature is the same. If you have to take a hot water bath, take it in the night, or at the time when you can go off into your bed. In England, if you take a hot bath and go out immediately… you can get cancer of the lungs (1988-1221)… in the UK, bathing is better done at night before retiring, to avoid problems due to the cold climate (1982-0710)

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– end – 29 Jun 2003