There are lots of temptations, because we are coming from the human level, lots of temptations like we start dominating others… then this leadership business also comes in… some people become leaders and some start complaining. Everybody has his own role to play, his own style to work out… but it has to be for the benevolence of the whole, not of the individual, and once you realise that, you become extremely humble, extremely conducive, and can articulate in a very beautiful manner with other people (1988-1226)

After Nirvikalpa, the Ganesha becomes really Jagrut… such a person is not tempted by women… he is not… any more… nor by any alcohol… or smoking… he is beyond temptation. He cannot tolerate… if a woman is made naked… or a cabaret sort of thing (1977-0215)

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– end – 6 Oct 2002