A modern problem (which we try to escape by suicides, alcohol etc.), in which we have turned our attention towards outside things, and to outward development and to economics, and have lost the inner life (1978-1115); The problem with the World today (where there is in every country everywhere, a very subtle problem… that people do not understand… and that exists in this Kali Yuga)… is inside the human being… and people are so restless, and full of tension… and anywhere you go, countrywise, you find some sort of a confusion, and the whole society seems to be in a fear of destruction. The problem is that our attention is not on the Spirit… it is outside… where we go into competition… go on becoming ‘competent’ – we get into so many struggles, and there is no end to our troubles and woes. But as soon as we put our attention to the Spirit we find there, amazingly, that everything works out, and that the Spirit is the source of all Love, Peace, Joy and Truth. This is an evolutionary process. Today is the time for people to become the Spirit – this is the blessing of the ‘Blossom Time’… and people have to become the Spirit. This is an essential step today, to become the Spirit. This is an evolutionary process. All the religions have talked about it. Without it you cannot achieve the Peace, the Joy, the Love… but first… you have to forgive (1998-0320)

Tension… which results when… the ego on the one side… and the superego on the other… when they close down… and we become like an egg shell – we are closed… we have an ‘I-ness’… we become Mr so-and-so… and then when this is accumulated there… we feel the tension. The superego is when we are all the time in fear, in danger, are crying, weeping sort of people… and the other side are people who act, who have ego. Either we are in ‘action’, or we are in ‘weeping condition’, in ‘inaction’. This accumulation… this tension mounts up in the head… and with this tension, you get all kinds of complications – with the left side, you might get low blood pressure and all that… and with the right side you might get high blood pressure. The tension of the head is because either you are worried or you are planning something… you are aggressive or you are taking aggression… one of the two. Here Christ plays a very big role in our lives, because he is placed in that crossing point… and when Christ is awakened… these two things are sucked in (1982-1008)

Men take out their tensions on their wives… who are the strongest part of any family… and have the capacity to bear and absorb all this; Husband and wife are equal, though not similar, like the two wheels of a chariot, both of which are needed to maintain the proper balance; Men feel they want to be superior, but this domination of the men is a myth. The women are the real power, the shakti of the family (1981-0328); I have seen some ladies who are extremely tense… tense type… they can never give joy… they are themselves not in joy… how can they give joy. So the tension should not be there… at all… of any kind. Be relaxed… you are the other side of Sahaja Yoga, which gives peace… joy… and nourishment… and also complete tranquillity… in the family, you are responsible for tranquillity… even if the husband is angry (1993-1228)

The Vishuddhi chakra can catch, if we feel ‘too responsible’, and can result in tensions and headaches – the remedy is to witness, and realise that everything is done by the Divine (1989-0801)

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– end – 8 May 2003