This is a very great privilege that I am telling you all these things… that I am telling you… that… ‘sincerity is the key of your Self Realisation’. It’s a privilege… I’m giving you the key. Understand what a privilege it is for you to be here… at Puja… what fortune… what reward, for what you have done… how many lives have been rewarded by being here (1980-0505); Count your Blessings… with thankfulness to God, from your heart… and with Glory and Praise to God… then that Bliss comes to you. Without thankfulness, nothing is going to work out (1982-1101)

The greatest thing He has given us, is Realisation… and the ‘way of Sahaja’. Look into your heart, and humble down… and thank… every moment – that is the key to start the Joy… out of every moment. Every moment has an ocean of Joy in it… but to start it, you must thank… whatever you have got. Thankfulness is the way to Joy… there’s no other way – we get everything, but we never thank… judging type we are – today is the day of thanking; Thankfulness, if you do not have, you’ll never enjoy what you have… whatever you have got… whatever God has given you… out of His Grace… out of His compassion… out of His love. We do not know how to thank Him… you see this is the point… have we thanked Him… every moment of our life. When you thank Him, the waves of Joy will rise within you (1979-0000.2)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1979-0000.2 2nd Talk – see 1979-0200 not good 1979-0000.2 Shri Mataji working on new people good 55

1982-1101 Self Mastery, Guru Nanak’s Birthday – London (C120) good 105

– end – 6 Oct 2002