Thoughts obstruct or prevent the enjoyment of beauty, and obstruct the attainment of true peace. When the Kundalini rises, we become thoughtless spontaneously, and the attention becomes peaceful (1984-0718); Thoughts of the Sublime help us in our ascent, help us to rise; For others it is the thoughts of the ridiculous that are important (1985-0806); Our thinking has to go down first of all (1987-1224); Think nothing but Sahaja Yoga (1982-1101); Thinking is not allowed in Sahaja Yoga… give up this ‘I thought…’ business (1987-1230.1); Before meditation and after meditation try to keep quiet for a while… and if there are thoughts, then you have to say ‘not this’… ‘not this’… ‘not this’… (1987-1224)… or, if you are thinking, open your eyes and watch me (1980-0809)

These thoughts are coming from two angles… from ego, and another from your conditioning… and these are so much built up within you that they don’t allow your Agnya to be crossed. That’s why we have two bija mantras, Hum and Kshum (1998-0510); These two things, conditioning and ego, are in the mind, but it is important that we should go into thoughtless awareness, and that thoughtless awareness is the real way that your Sahastrara can be nourished by the Kundalini. When the Kundalini cannot pass through, that is why there are the two bija mantras Hum and Kshum (1998-0510)

Our understanding of Sahaja Yoga is simple… if we don’t think about it. How to explain that someone like us can give Realisation to thousands? How to explain the Photo, the pictures in the sky? It is beyond our brains, so don’t think, just accept the Joy (1987-1016); We have to be detached from our thoughts, which is achieved if we know how to forgive others (1982-1226)

Normal thinking, is very superficial, and is the interaction between thoughts and action, action and reaction (1978-1218); Thinking can make us so bumptious, so ego oriented, so impure (1983-0113); What does the thinking in your head is your ego, or your conditioning, and you go on reacting to it all the time. But after getting Realisation, and after achieving that state, of thoughtless awareness, you don’t react… you just watch… and that watching itself is very powerful… you are watching silently, and it is very, very powerful, and it works (1998-0706)

When you are thinking, the cells of the brain are replaced every minute… by the fat that is in your stomach… by this centre of Swadisthan (1982-1008)… and so if the control of the Swadisthan is diverted away from the organs, to the provision of fat cells… this can result in diseases such as blood cancer, and diabetes (1989-0801; 1987-0500)

You are not to use your thinking for correcting your chakras – you have to move your hands and not your brains… alright, and when saying mantras, put your attention without thought to the particular chakra. Once you start ‘thinking’, then there’s a barrier between the Spirit and you – in any art or in any deftness, that’s how the creativity, the spontaneity is finished. So do everything in silence… in thoughtless awareness… that’s the main point; Try at least to see my face without thinking… my face itself makes you thoughtless… Silence your mind; The best way to be with your Spirit is to forgive, because then your thoughts will go away… the less you think, the faster you move with your Realisation… do not argue it out… just try to become… you have to become; Don’t think… then the inspiration will come to you from within, and when the inspiration will be coming, then you’ll find that it will be very different, it will be very beautiful (1980-0907)

You see, I know what you think all the time… real foolish things… nothing sensible; What you have to surrender is your ego, means your thinking. If you are thinking, open your eyes, and say ‘I forgive, I forgive’… even if you take my name, it is sufficient (1980-0907); If you see any thoughts coming in, you should say ‘I forgive’… is a very big mantra… and the thoughts will stop (1988-0921)

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