Three Dimensions


Three Dimensions

When we are moving in the 3-Dimensions of our life, i.e. of our emotional, physical and mental being, we are not ‘inside ourself’. But when we are ‘inside’, then we are in thoughtless awareness, and that is when we are in contact with the Principle, the Shakti, the Power that permeates into everything… and we then are in meditation, and the Unconscious itself will take charge of us; When you are giving vibrations to other people, if you give in thoughtless awareness, you will not catch anything, because all the entities that enter into you, all these material problems that come into you, come when you are in those 3-Dimensions. But when you are on the Eternal Principle, all that is not eternal changes, drops out, dissolves and becomes non-existent; Only by Mother’s Grace, and by one’s own desire, one’s own efforts to give up all that is 3 dimensional, are we going to ascend; Once you say ‘how to… remove the attention from outside’ that means that you have created the

3 dimensional involvement – you are not to remove… it is there (1976-0330)

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– end – 17 Jun 2003