If the throat is drying up, and there is coughing, it is best to put a few drops of ghee on hot milk, hot water, or with soup… and take it – it will spread over the epithelial cells… of the throat and trachea. It soothes down all your sites… Krishna is soothed by that (1981-0330); The ghee can be kept in a small bottle, which may be heated in hot water prior to use (1987-0408); The throat is controlled by the Vishuddhi (1979-0722); Shri Krishna is very fond of butter (1981-0330); butter is softening in it’s effect (1981-0330; 1983-0202; 1985-0502)

To keep Vishuddhi OK, we can do the following… eat the butter… take it on hot water, so that it lines the epithelial cells, and clean throats every morning by gargling; For throat, gargling is a very good thing… with salt, every night. Gargling is something… is a must… for all the Sahaja Yogis… is a must (.0012); Is to be done every morning, using salt, as a treatment for Vishuddhi (1983-0202; 1981-0330), with a little warm water (1988-1221); Sauces… are very important for use with food to prevent drying of the membranes of the throat (1984-1005); Protect the throat from cold conditions, and if we speak, speak of Sahaja Yoga (1983-0202); Shri Krishna is very fond of ghee or butter… so when you rub my feet with say butter, your Vishuddhi will improve… ‘you’ know that (1980-0927)

Also I find that in Europe, people do not clear their throats… and tongues… which is another thing that is very much on left Vishuddhi… and that must be one of the reasons that your left Vishuddhis are bad. And so, though it is not fashionable here in the west… but it is very important… to put your two fingers in the mouth… and rub… and clear your tongue in such a way that everything comes out… in the morning is important… because that accumulates… and then it rots… so this has to be done. Maybe you think that if you are doing this… you will make a noise and all that… doesn’t matter… you have to clear out your throat… and that is how you’ll keep your Vishuddhis very clean (1986-0504)

Dryness of the throat, may be due to psychological tricks, like ‘I’ll not talk to her, or I’ll not speak’. This type of behaviour can lead to a dryness (1980-0517.2); If we move to the right side more, we get dry feelings, a dry throat – we cannot speak (1980-0517.2)

The Vishuddhi… controls the lymphatic system, ears, outside of the eyes, nose, neck (1981-1004; 1981-0330), throat, face (1982-0711) and teeth (1988-0710)… and all the mastoid muscles, the tongue, the cheeks and also the balls of the eyes (1979-0722); Radha Krishna… is the mantra for the Vishuddhi… and is for where there are… problems of ears, nose and throat… or where you get bad colds… or where you get your attention diverted (1985-0502)

All extreme behaviour from left and right creates problems of Hamsa… like if you eat… anything fried… after taking anything fried… you should not take water… or after eating fruit… you should not take water – you can take a biscuit… or bread… something like that to dry up your… throat, and then… you can take water (.0011)

For those who are in the centre, their main disease is in their excretion… and their all kinds of vomiting… if they eat at a place where they should not have eaten… or if they eat a wrong type of food or a wrong type of liquid… they have to immediately go and vacate it… either they’ll vomit, or they’ll have diarrhoea. Other problems they may develop include: swellings on the body, arthritis or pain in the joints, low breathing, low blood pressure, temporary tiredness, throat troubles, drying up of the liquid in the body, headaches and pressures on the sides of the head, all these from fighting the negativity in the persons they are with (1983-0209)

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– end – 6 Oct 2002