With eating also there are problems: We can test the tongue, by going on a bland horrible diet, just to test the tongue. Is food important? Is the tongue fussy about food? Does it start watering? To overcome these problems, starve yourself, reduce what you eat by half – your intestines will go down. But don’t think about food. This ‘starving’ is for Westerners, because the people of the East already do regular fasting. For them the correction is to eat. Best day for starving is Thursday, the Guru’s day – and to start with a ½ day (1982-1101); Food also we should not eat immediately from the oven, sizzling… sizzling food you should not eat. I don’t know why such devilish ideas are coming – let your juices flow out to digest it… and then eat it… otherwise you’ll burn your tongue… your palate… burn everything. So best is to keep a tepid understanding of food also… so water should not be very hot… food should not be very hot (0.0011)

When you eat, you don’t understand that this tongue belongs to a Sahaja Yogi… you shouldn’t hanker after anything… like if somebody likes tea, he’ll go on taking 15 cups… that’s no good… or if he’s fond of one sort of food, he won’t take another food. Thinking too much about food all the time… asking for food and organising food all the time… that spoils your Vishuddhi very badly (1980-0127.2); The tongue is controlled by the Vishuddhi (1979-0722)

Also I find that in Europe, people do not clear their throats… and tongues… which is another thing that is very much on left Vishuddhi… and that must be one of the reasons that your left Vishuddhis are bad. And so, though it is not fashionable here in the west… but it is very important… to put your two fingers in the mouth… and rub… and clear your tongue in such a way that everything comes out… in the morning is important… because that accumulates… and then it rots… so this has to be done. Maybe you think that if you are doing this… you will make a noise and all that… doesn’t matter… you have to clear out your throat… and that is how you’ll keep your Vishuddhis very clean (1986-0504)

The tongue is used in many ways, and has many problems… we speak things to hurt others… we go on jabbering… we can show how frivolous we are… we are either tongue tied… or tongue loose (1982-1101); Tongue is first of all… for saying things which are sweet and beautiful… let us find out what sweet things we are going to say to people… not expressing ‘our’ views, like ‘I like it… I like that’ or ‘I want that’, but on the contrary… ‘do you like this’… ‘would you enjoy this’… so the language should be directed towards others… showing interest and concern. The voice Should be melodious, and the language should be controlled. If we can control our tongue, 80% of collectivity we will achieve (1985-0502)

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– end – 6 Oct 2002