Sahaja Yoga is a very different type of a living process – when you get Realisation, it starts transforming you, and then others. By your presence you start transforming other people. First you receive the light, then you generate the light. With your ‘will’ you can generate Sahaja Yoga to go further (1980-1116); Sahaja Yoga is not just to pass energy through us. You have to absorb… assimilate it… and transform yourselves… and see for yourself, how are you behaving, how are you feeling about things. Are you taking a new view of things or not. Progress is slow because we do not want to transform ourselves – every moment try to see that you transform yourself – this transformation is going to help you (1980-0127.2); Let us decide to improve ourselves, and not to feel bad about it… we have to improve a lot (1980-0927)

It is very important to understand that without transformation you have no meaning… whatever you have been, has been useless… of no good… whatever you are transformed, you are of some use. So, whatever you have been, you do not be identified with that… but whatever you have to be, you try to be that… and with this power you have got, that ‘whatever you want, you will be that’. But some people are so funny that they say that… I want to be a donkey… all such silly and foolish people are no good for Sahaja Yoga (1980-0127.2)

But even after transformation… if you do not want to become what you have to be… for which you have come here… you will be left behind… there is a big transformation taking place. In that transformation also, a ‘rising’ is taking place… there’s a big evolution going on, and those who will not evolve properly will be left behind… this is the last judgement… and you’ll be judged… you’ll be left behind. If you cannot adhere to people who are rising higher… with your weight, you will fall down (1997-1225); To transform ourselves, there has to be some evolution – you have to become collectively conscious. It is an actualisation within yourself… it is a living process… it takes place spontaneously (1986-0707.1)

This transformation within you is going to change the whole world… people are going to see… that you are no more a confused person… you are not a person who is doubting… and neither you are a fanatic… you are not a blind person… but you are a person who is alert, and aware… and can see things better than others. The more alert you become, the more the Divine takes interest… but this alertness is nothing but the enlightenment of your sincerity… and… sincerity is the thing that means… you are loyal to your Self… the loyalty to your Self is sincerity. Sincerity is my nature… I don’t have to strive for it… I cannot get out of it. Now… if I am your ideal… you should try and imbibe my nature within yourself… and then you’ll be amazed how you are connected with me… then we all move like one wave, one being, one personality (1980-0505)

Our idea is that by God’s Grace we are so many… and if we want we can transform the whole world… we can bring peace, joy and bliss to this world… bliss and joy… for this we have to have our balance, our ascent and then the desire to fly into the whole Universe. How to do it… you can find out yourself… it’s not difficult… how can I do it… face yourself… find out about yourself… don’t justify yourself… don’t be miserable… you have to be joyous, happy, balanced, well behaved, sober. Outwardly it will show, whatever is inward… all your dignity will express, if there is dignity. So all these things can be built from inside out… not from outside in. So lets work it out that way… then things will be very easy, because now you have a state where you are separated from yourself… so that is the state of Nirvikalpa, where you are not attached to anything… you have no diseases… you have no troubles… you are above everything… you do not try to complicate things for me… you do not try to say things more than me… you just take it… a hint… is sufficient… Mother said so, alright. But another bad habit some people have… is to say… ‘Mother said so, so this is so’… use your discretion, how can Mother say – if she has said something there must be something in it… we must understand (1985-0310)


We have to change very much… we have to transform ourselves into a new style of thinking. It is very very important… are we depending on Him… or on our own old ways (1979-1015); ‘Changing’ is the sign of life. Like a little root has got a very little, small, tiny cell at the end of it, which is very discrete, and it changes it’s course according to the way it can penetrate into the Mother Earth. If there is a big boulder, it goes round and round and round to create a bondage for it later on, for the tree to stand up. Then it goes into all various areas in a proper manner, which ever way is the best. And ‘Sahaj’, in the same way… is a living process, and whatever works out, has to be worked out in that manner. We have to be prepared for everything in a very sweet and enjoyable manner (1988-0103); So we must change. If you don’t want to change… you’d better leave… that’s the main point (1981-0904)

– Jai Shri Mataji –

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