Tree of Awareness


Tree of Awareness

Shri Krishna has said that the Tree of Awareness grows upside down – that the roots are in the brain and the branches grow downwards. Those who have gone towards materialism have grown downwards, whilst those who have gone towards the Divine, have grown upwards, towards the roots. The main tap-root is innocence, is Shri Ganesha (1985-0000.1)

Krishna is the brain… Shiva is the heart… and Brahmadeva is the liver. Now what is the faculty of this brain… is… that the tree of life, of evolution, grows downwards as they say… and this tree is growing downwards, of awareness, from the brain… but if you have to go to the roots, you have to ascend… and that ascent you have achieved… now you have gone to the roots of your brain… where all your roots… all your nerves are enlightened… where your brain is enlightened… you are an enlightened person (1986-0823)

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