Tropic of Cancer


Tropic of Cancer

This is the one which represents the motherhood of the Earth, and passes through quite a big area of land, while the tropic of Capricorn does not, and the area through which it has passed has created different beautiful manifestations of the motherhood qualities of this Earth (1987-0114)

In India, is celebrated the change of the axis of the Sun, when it moves towards the tropic of Cancer… because the Sun now moves into the new dimension, so that all over the world there will be the warmth of the Sun, which represents the warmth of God’s Love. This festival is celebrated by giving some sort of a sweet, made out of sesame seeds, because they are also heat giving… and also… to prepare you for the warmth of the Sun this special thing is made. At this time it is said that now you must speak in a sweet manner… which is very important (1987-0114)

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