That which must be felt (verified – Ed) on your Central Nervous System (1984-0718); Which can only be revealed to Realised Souls, because it would otherwise be too much to bear (1989-0801); Truth is what it is (1989-0801); Is perceived in the brain. When the Kundalini enlightens the brain, we start seeing the truth (1983-0204); The truth is that we are the Spirit (1998-0321), and the Spirit is the source of Truth – on your finger tips you will know. As Mohammed has said, at the time of Resurrection, ‘your hands will speak’ (1998-0320); Truth is the first great quality of the angels – truth is their life (1989-0423); At the level of Sahastrara, you know the truth… all kinds of illusions, misunderstandings, self imposed ignorance… all disappear, because what you know is the truth. Truth is not sharp, harsh, or difficult to assimilate, nor it creates problems between human beings (1998-0510)

Whenever people talked of truth, they used it for a wrong purpose… their own purpose. It’s such a common thing with human beings, that they want to have power over other men (1998-0510); Now the truth is that this Divine Power is compassion and is love… this is the truth. They say that God is love, God is truth. So the equation has to be made, that Truth is Love, and Love is Truth… but it is not ‘attached’ love. It is not truth if you are attached to somebody – then you never see the bad points of that person. If you are angry with somebody, then you can never see the good points of that person. It’s a complete detached love, and that love is extremely powerful… because when you project that love to anyone, you’ll be surprised the problems of that person will be solved… his personality will improve… everything will work out in a big way, and his life will be changed. But if you are attached to anything whatsoever, that attachment itself causes problems, and doesn’t allow Sahaj to grow (1998-0510)

It is nice to tell the truth… alright… you must tell the truth… this was said long time back by one of our earliest writers… he said that the truth must be said… and you must say something that is very appealing, which is called as Priya. Then Shri Krishna came, and people asked him, how do you combine this, because if you say something that is truthful, we hurt others… they may not like it… it may not be Priya. So Shri Krishna said ‘Satyam Vade (tell the truth), Hitam Vade (say something which is for the wellbeing of your Spirit), Priyam Vade’ (1979-0618)

Many have found out the truth about themselves – that they are not the body, not the mind or the emotions, not the ego or conditionings, but, that you are the pure Spirit. When you become the Spirit, your attention gets enlightened by the Spirit, and this enlightened attention is so intelligent… and as it is connected with this All Pervading Power, you’ll be amazed that whatever you put your attention to, it just works… how you are able to do so many things which you would never do, and how your personality becomes very sensible, wise and absolutely in balance. But first you have to grow to that point – until you become that, you are not yet empowered fully (1998-0706)

Then some people who are not yet understanding the importance of ‘becoming’, who do not know that they have to grow, become again useless, good-for-nothing. If you people get your Realisation, all the global problems can be solved, like the pollution problems get settled down. The power of love can settle pollution problems because it also acts on the 5 elements. It works in such a manner that should in every way encourage you, help you… work out your programs, your ventures, your meetings… anything that you want to do. It’s worked out in such a beautiful manner. You become the master no doubt, but you don’t have the arrogance or anger of a master. We are part and parcel of the whole – it is all interwoven. It is not mental… it is what you experience all the time. You don’t have to worry… it will all work out… even in small small things (1998-0706)

Every word that the Mother says is the truth (1979-0422); I am your Mother… I am going to tell you the truth… I am not going to tell you… ‘you go and smoke’, and ‘do whatever you like’ – none of these gurus ever say that ‘you don’t smoke’… nor do they ever say ‘you don’t drink’… at the most they’ll tell you that ‘you become vegetarian’… that’s the best way of making you people weak (1979-0200.1)

The stronger we are, the more that truth manifests through us. Every word we say, that we do not say, every thought is known – so we must purify ourselves, so we can bear the truth. The worst thing would be that this Divine Love, the attention of God should go away. Ultimately our own lives, our own faces will convince of the truth, that the Divine is there (1980-0629); In Sahaja Yoga… the truth is exposed gradually (1983-1001); The truth is very simple… it is so very simple… that you are the part and parcel of the whole… and you have to feel the whole… that is what you are seeking (1981-0511)

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– end – 27 Mar 2003