Vegetarian food is useful for correcting an imbalance in the subtle system, where the person is too much on the right side of the subtle system (1983-0121); We should eat food according to our needs. In general, in the West one should take more to vegetarian foods (1983-0131); Those who are right sided should take to foods which are left sided i.e. carbohydrates, and should become partly vegetarian, and should eat things at the most like chickens, but not fishes or sea food, because they are all hot (1983-0121); Organs can be Active type, if we eat too much protein type of food – in which case we should take more of vegetarian foods (1983-0131); Vegetarianism or non-vegetarianism, neither goes against one’s awareness – unlike drinking (1983-0131)

Vegetarianism can go to extremes, to the point of caring for bugs – what are we going to do with bugs? You are not going to find God by vegetarianism. If you want to be vegetarian, it is o.k.

– but it is not the way to find God (1979-0507); The Jains… believe in vegetarianism to such an extent… that they do not want to destroy the insects… so they make a man to get inside a hut… and the bugs must come… and bite him… and take out his blood… and they pay him lot of money… it’s a fact… even today they do sometimes in the village… they think it’s the greatest punya… the greatest religious deed (1977-1121)

Those who are strict vegetarians, who don’t eat even garlic… and don’t eat even onions, are very vulnerable to the left side business… and on top of that, if they go to a guru who is left sided, they are even worse. One has to be a normal person, eating the right proportions of proteins, carbohydrates and fat… left sided people have to be very very careful… and not to just assert themselves on that point (1983-0209); Shri Mataji is not a vegetarian… nor was Shri Krishna… nor was Shri Rama; Shri Krishna could not be, because he had to kill so many people… and you should not be. By becoming vegetarian, you won’t reach God… on the contrary you catch on left Nabhi (1981-1006)

None of these gurus ever say that ‘you don’t smoke’… nor do they ever say ‘you don’t drink’… at the most they’ll tell you that ‘you become vegetarian’ – that’s the best way of making you people weak (1979-0200.1)

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– end – 7 Oct 2002