Vibrated Water


Vibrated Water

Water in which the Shri Ganesha Tattwa is enlightened, and which when applied to for example the eyes or taken into the stomach, it acts (1989-0808); We can use vibrated water to improve the attention, by drinking it so that it works on the void area (1978-1005); Water can be vibrated by Realised Souls, and when taken in by someone, can then make that person dharmic. If taken in repeatedly, then that person will not get cancer of the stomach. ‘Curing Waters’ are vibrated waters. Given to plants etc. will produce better crops (1978-1005)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1978-1005 Dharma [+ further 30 mins – Qual. not good] good 40 1989-0808 Shri Ganesha Puja – Les Diablerets, France good 45

– end – 7 Oct 2002