The very first thing God created on this Earth was Shri Ganesha, because he could emit Holiness. He exists as Chaitanya… in the atoms and molecules, as vibrations, symmetric and asymmetric. These vibrations later on start expressing themselves in the plant kingdom as ‘life force’, and you see how they are kept under a bondage… it’s all under control. And then it is expressed in the animals, where it binds them… that’s why they are called as ‘Pashus’, meaning ‘under bondage’. But in human beings, it is expressed as auspiciousness, and ultimately as Holiness (1987-0114)

Is the feeling or pulsation of the Divine, All Pervading Power of Love, of the Holy Ghost, within yourself, on the central nervous system (1983-0210; 1983-0208); Chaitanya Lahari (1979-0616); The flow of Vibrations is greater at the Feet of the Adi Shakti (1989-0527); Feels as Cool flow; Cool flow increases for truth, or for that which is Divine, or stops and even may become hot for that which is untrue or against the Divine (1987-0516); Is very temperate… it’s not a thing that is freezingly cold… if it is freezingly cold, that means ‘left side’. Cool breeze is actually never ‘very cold’… it’s not freezing. It could be hot with some people… it could be ‘very cool’… because of their problems… but if you are a normal person, you feel a cooler sensation… it is slightly less than your body temperature… it’s not so very cooling as to freeze you – if it is hot, there is something wrong with you (1981-0524)

Can be seen like small commas (1984-0702); Each particle of vibration has a sparkle of light in it, and if there are many vibrations, cameras can catch them (1987-1016); They are tiny points, going into a half circle, and may combine to form an ‘Ohm’, ‘Cross’, or even sometimes ‘Chains’ (1987-1016); They are very basic things, that can think very fast, and are very collective, and move and think the same way, and work out in a silent way (1987-1016); Are nothing but the principle of Shri Ganesha; The Paramchaitanya is nothing but Vibrations, but with everything within it (1989-0808)

The Chaitanya, contains emotional, physical, mental and evolutionary elements, and when it flows through Sahaja Yogis, and is applied to a faulty chakra, it causes it to return to normal (1984-0313)

Every human being has got these vibrations within him, in the Spirit… but they are only manifested when he gets Realisation (1978-1002); Now these vibrations are there from the very beginning of the matter… up to the vibrations where you come up to the human level. In the beginning they just look like electromagnetic… then they look like… more there is emotions in it. Then you go a little higher… and you find these vibrations act… they also think… they report. All these vibrations are combined together absolutely completely in human beings… where they manifest gradually, and they act according to the need of the time… they think… cooperate… cure… relate things… report… the complete telecommunications is built in these vibrations… so you can cure people… you can raise their Kundalini… you can work on people, sitting down here… all these things are possible (1978-1002)

For example… Leukaemia which is caused more by speedy people… can easily be cured… because when you put your hand on the spleen, if you are a Realised Soul, the energy flows… and the spleen settles down, because it gets new vitality… it gets the wisdom from these vibrations… because this is the energy which thinks, cooperates, organises, sorts out… and when given to this spleen, it becomes wiser… it rests… it becomes silent. Also if you give the person the balance with your hands… you can make the person much more relaxed, much more silent… that is how you can cure (1982-1008)

Now… if you do something… and if the vibrations are going down, then of course… you have to see… ‘I’m a Sahaja Yogi… to me vibrations are my ascent’… this is the most important thing. For that… you have to know your goals, your destination… you must know on what path you are standing… where you are brought… where are you today – you are not like other people. For that you need pure intelligence (1988-0710)

Vibrations are what we feel… and are the reflection of the light of the Spirit, but the Spirit does not vibrate (1986-0725); Vibrations come as an indication from your Spirit – so the information that is given is Absolute (1986-0305); We should use our vibratory awareness all the time – this we forget (1980-0517.1); If you want it to circulate and flow, then you must open another door of giving Realisation to others. If you open one door, at Sahastrara… it’s not sufficient… you have to open another door… otherwise it doesn’t flow (1989-1203); To get your vibrations alright you must wash your hands… use water as much as you can… wash your hands

10 times… is very essential (1980-0927); When the attention is absolutely one with the Atman, with the Spirit, then there is a manifestation of Vibrations… you start getting the Cool Breeze in your hands (1978-1002); If you start to think, you will lose it (1979-1203)

In people who are in the ‘centre’… the vibrations may start flowing too much… at any of the chakras… when they may develop… may develop I am saying… a kind of a suction or emission of vibrations, depending on the quality of the person who is facing them. This can be corrected easily, by giving a bandhan… and in case the vibrations are too much, by asking another Sahaja Yogi to take out the vibrations from a particular chakra and giving them to the atmosphere (1983-0209)

To Me everything is nothing but Vibrations – all my movements and everything is nothing but Vibrations (1980-0609); I have only one problem… that you are within me, and when you have a problem, I have a problem… because these vibrations have to go to you… so I prepare vibrations here as an antidote… and they have to flow. It’s a very subtle thing (1980-0927); Sometimes the Deities emit too much of vibrations in Pujas, I have seen… but if you cannot bear it, they don’t enter into you – they trouble me… but they won’t enter into you (1993-0721); We must meditate also after Puja, because my vibrations you do not suck in without meditation, I have seen. If you have sincerity about it, really… you will suck all my vibrations. Tell your mind not to ask questions or to misbehave… but to suck the vibrations clearly. This is for your own nourishment… for your own growth… for your own enjoyment (1980-0505)

Reaction to vibrations should be a very humble receptive reaction (1983-0204); Something quite modest, for example like a small monkey nut, but which has vibrations, should be valued much more than a diamond of the same size (1986-0921)

Now how will you know that these vibrations are telling you the truth… it’s very simple if you understand the common sense of ‘relativity’… like… bring two mad people, absolutely certified as mad… and two sane people… now you put your hands towards the people who are mad… you will get horrible burning… maybe in the whole hand… on the left hand side. You get maybe ten cases like that. Now you ask the question… ‘is there God’… and you start getting Cool Breeze flowing into you… or… ‘is this power… All Pervading’… you start getting Cool Breeze flowing into you. That is how you find out which is the truth (1980-0721)

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