The Macrocosmic Being (1990-0818); The Primordial Vishuddhi Chakra, and is manifested in the head at the front (1981-0330); The Primordial Being (1983-0202); Who, with Adi Shakti also, creates the Universal Awareness of Collectivity within us, and whose Shakti is called Viratangana (1990-0923); The Brain of Lord God Almighty (1989-0611); Is the totality (1989-0611); Akbar, the brain in the Macrocosm (1989-0814.1); Incarnated as Shri Krishna (1991-0001); God Almighty, you can say… the Virat, in which we are born cells in His Being… we are made the same way as the Virat is made. The great Primordial Being is… the Virat (1979-0200.1)

Those who worship Shri Krishna become brainy people, but without ego – egoless intelligence, or pure intelligence (1989-0814.1); Shri Ganesha becomes Maha Ganesha in the Virata, that is the brain. That means that it is the ‘seat’ of Shri Ganesha, from where he governs the principle of innocence. It is placed at the back of the head, in the region of the optic thalamus, or optic lobe, and is the giver of innocence to the eyes (1985-0000.1)

The establishment of yoga is possible… when you completely surrender yourself to Shri Krishna… means what… means all your balances will be established… you go into complete balance… and that balance is complete because Vishnu who is the Incarnation for sustaining the dharma… who is responsible for giving you the balance… becomes complete in the form of Shri Krishna… he is the Collective Being… he is the Virat… because he is the integrated form of all the dharmas… and he is the Virat in our brain… he represents our brain. When this Virat in us is awakened fully… we automatically become dharma ourselves (1986-0823)

So now you have become dharmatit… means you have entered into the Kingdom of God… into the Virata’s conditions… and there your condition is such, your state is such that you are dharma… if you try to do adharma, you suffer… if you try to do wrong you suffer… I don’t have to tell you to be righteous… there’s no need… I don’t have to tell you to tell the truth… or don’t steal… I don’t have to tell you all these things. You will follow Christ… or Krishna… automatically… sahaj. You become the dharma of Virat… now what is the dharma of the Virat… of Shri Krishna… is collectivity (1986-0823)

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– end – 22 Mar 2003