Deity of the Left Vishuddhi; Kali (daughter of Mahakali); Sister of Shri Krishna… daughter of Yeshoda, and killed by Khamsa; Was also Draupadi, when Krishna was King of Dwarika (1992-0000); Has a pure sister/brother relationship with Shri Krishna, expressed in the Raksha Bandhan festival; The lightning, which contains all 5 elements… who warns (1990-0811.1); The electricity (1989-0814.1)

Vishnumaya is Gauri, the pure virgin, is the power of a sister in a family, and is there to protect your chastity – the practice of innocence is chastity. Chastity is the Vishnumaya power (1985-0901); Vishnumaya will see that husband and wife… sit together (1985-0901); The power of Vishnumaya is the most powerful thing that a human being can have, is the most auspicious thing – you become a holy personality – and is one of the ways of getting God Realisation; Vishnumaya is that part of the Unconscious that has told the Law- Makers what is ‘wrong’ (1985-0901)

On the left hand side of this Vishuddhi… is Vishnumaya… is the sisterly relationship. When the sister, who is your pure relation, is not treated as a sister… when the attitude of a person towards women is of indulgence and of lust, then we develop the left Vishuddhi. When we develop the left Vishuddhi very strongly, and if we have a bad Agnya, or if there are eyes which are roving, then this left Vishuddhi causes a lot of trouble (1986-0823)

The practice of innocence is chastity. It is the foundation of all dharmas, and works in you as Gauri, as Kundalini, and gives you the Mariadas. The sense of chastity is completely lacking in the West. You must respect your chastity, which is the Vishnumaya power, the Gauri power, the pure virgin, and it is protected by Shri Vishnumaya. The essence of religious life, of righteous life, of Sahaja Yoga life is chastity – without a sense of chastity, you cannot have dharma; Moral chastity comes before material chastity. But whether you do money cheating in Sahaja Yoga, or you cheat morally, the result is the same – the left Vishuddhi catches… the whole problem will start from there (1985-0901)

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