Vishuddhi 2 Problems


Problems with Vishuddhi

On the left side… if you have been immoral, you get left Vishuddhi… is the basics… then there is the sister relationship… then the guilt, Left Vishuddhi gives all kinds of social problems, Problems start when we get confused about ‘sisters’ relationships, or the pure relationships like those of our mother. Confusion with relationships with other men, other women, or no understanding of men and women relationships, lead to guilt, because we know it is wrong, On the left hand side is Vishnumaya… is the sisterly relationship. When the sister, who is your pure relation, is not treated as a sister… when the attitude of a person towards women is of indulgence and of lust, then we develop the left Vishuddhi. When we develop the left Vishuddhi very strongly, and if we have a bad Agnya, or if there are eyes which are roving, then this left Vishuddhi causes a lot of trouble.

Then we get problems from feeling guilty, like ‘I should not have said that…’ or ‘I should not have gone there…’ For this we should say ‘Mother I am not guilty’, Also can be in problem, if we smoke, Problems include sarcasm, shyness, timidity, problems of inferiority complex, slyness, and people who never talk, are uncollective, fearful and frightened, and always see negativity in others, Sometimes it may be that a man is having a bad time with his sister.

Left Vishuddhi may be bad because we have never respected our chastity, or we have crossed the Mariadas, the limits, or we have neglected some kind of morality, or we have gone on a wrong path against the Mother or the Father, or we have said ‘No’ to the Mother, The ego reaction hides in left Vishuddhi, is like a kind of a perverted ego, and will not accept that anyone can be better than me, Slyness, when it goes down too much, it goes into a perverted sex life.

Left Vishuddhi is the indication of the mistakes, the wrongs, the sins. Then we start giving explanations, instead of facing it and saying ‘I was wrong, People who are with Mother go into left Vishuddhi very fast, because they are lacking in protocol – as soon as you cross the limits, left Vishuddhi is created. There should be awe, respect for your Mother, which is guarded by left Vishuddhi. This is the hidden power of Shri Ganesha. Ganesha’s powers are all expressed through left Vishuddhi.

Disturbing and moving about is nothing but the upheaval of the left Vishuddhi. All this show-off, or disturbing, or trying to be overpowering, or very forward person, or bumptiousness… all these come from left Vishuddhi, because you want to overcome your left Vishuddhi so you do it – and then it is added to. The more you try to overcome it, the more it is added to.

If you tell someone he is catching left Vishuddhi, he will become even worse – what a vicious circle it is. So how to correct it, how to break the vicious circle, is to face it… tell yourself ‘No! I have done this today… tomorrow I am going to do it… No! Stop it now! Stop!’.

On centre Vishuddhi… there could be problems when we talk against God, or are against God or collectivity… problems with communication, collectivity, and inability to sing, Also may get into problem, if we take the responsibility of the whole world upon our heads. If we take responsibility of everything upon ourselves, then we have problems on centre Vishuddhi, and can result in tensions and headaches – the remedy is to witness, and realise that everything is done by the Divine.

Most of us have bad Vishuddhis, because we do not take responsibility, If this chakra is spoilt, we take to negativity more easily, and want special things for ourselves.

On the right side… it gives all kinds of political problems, Problems when we talk too much, too loudly or use our words to intimidate others, are aggressive, arrogant, or blunt… and is counteracted by Madhuria, sweetness and also by going into Mona, silence, Which may catch… when you say mantras given by False Gurus… because of your right side… physical effort… and which is unauthorised… you have no business to do it, Sneezing is nothing but the right Vishuddhi opening out, Problems can include hoarseness or loss of voice. If you take the name of God in vain, Vishuddhi catches.

Many people have a habit of smiling for nothing at all… especially women I have seen… some of them have such eyes that they’ll go on looking and pouring their greedy eyes onto others, or their lusty eyes onto others… this is the worst thing you can do to your eyes. So one has to be careful to keep the eyes very pure… the eyes of a Yogeshwara… who was Shri Krishna… he had no lust in his eyes, he was beyond that… he had no lust in his eyes about these women that he had.

Some people have a habit of showing anger with the eyes… and the angry eyes are another dangerous thing to do with your eyes… because they can become mesmeric. If you start putting your eyes onto something and concentrating on it, your eyes might become mesmeric… it’s a very very dangerous thing to go on looking at something continuously with concentration.

Too much of nodding is not a good sign… is very bad for the Vishuddhi chakra. Because of Vishuddhi there are so many problems… like Angina, Spondylitis… sometimes people lose their voices completely… sometimes they have all the time coughing. Above all is the centre of discrimination, which only comes when you are free people.

Some people think… by their talks they can cheat you… but actually they are cheating themselves. All such people who cheat others by sweet talks, by artificial talks or by some manoeuvring… get exposed… and people know about them that these are the greatest liars ever known.