Vishuddhi 4 Deities


Vishuddhi Chakra – Aspect or Deity

Shri Krishna, the complete incarnation of the Virata, the Primordial Being, with the witness quality controls this centre, Shri Krishna resides in our Vishuddhi chakra… in the centre he resides as Shri Krishna… and on the left hand side his power, Vishnumaya, his sister resides… there he resides as Gopala, as the one who lived in Gokul and played as a child. On the right hand side he resides as the king who ruled in Dwarika… the king, Shri Krishna. Radha Krishna… the mantra for the Vishuddhi… and is for where there are… problems of ears, nose and throat… or where you get bad colds… or where you get your attention diverted. Vitthala Rukmini is for right Vishuddhi.

Now the greatest freewill comes from Vishuddhi chakra… and that’s why they call him Yogeshwara – he is the Ishwara of yoga. The establishment of yoga is possible… when you completely surrender yourself to Shri Krishna… means what… means all your balances will be established… you go into complete balance… and that balance is complete because Vishnu who is the Incarnation for sustaining the dharma… who is responsible for giving you the balance… becomes complete in the form of Shri Krishna. He is the Collective Being… he is the Virat. When this Virat in us is awakened fully… we automatically become dharma ourselves… now what is the dharma of the Virat… of Shri Krishna… is collectivity.