Vishuddhi 5 Summary


Vishuddhi Chakra – Summary

Chakra: Vishuddhi – 5th Chakra

Deity: Vishnumaya(L); Radha Krishna(C); Virata, Yogeshwara, Vitthala Rukmini(R)

Physical: Cervical Plexus, Thyroid Gland

Functions: Lymphatic System, Ears, Outside of the eyes

Muscles of the eyes, Nose, Neck, Throat, Tongue,

Face, Cheeks, Teeth, and Gums, Mastoid muscles, Skin

Qualities: Witness, Bloom on the face, Sparkle in the eyes, Collective Communication, Sweetness in talking, Freedom, Discretion, Democracy, Diplomacy, Awe for God,

Noble Ideas, Responsibility, Collectivity, Sensitivity, Purity of Relationships, Self Confidence, Announcement, Cooling, Power of Mantras, Chastity, Morality, Protocol

Catch: Feeling ‘too responsible’ or ‘irresponsible’, Aggression, Arrogance, Excessive talking, Bluntness, Uncollective, Individualism, Immorality, Social Problems, Guilt, Smoking, Sarcasm, Shyness, Timidity, Not talking, Inferiority Complex, Slyness, Fearful and Frightened, Seeing negativity in others, Lacking in protocol,

Giving explanations, Criticising Sahaja Yoga or Divine,

Diseases: Angina, Spondylitis, Loss of voice, Persistent Coughing

Treatments: Eat the butter, Gargling, Keep throat warm, Speak of Sahaja Yoga, Clear Throats and Tongues,

Use of Oil, Ghee or Butter for Ears, Nose, Throat, Neck, Teeth & Hands, Primrose Oil, Olive Oil with Garlic for Ears, Basil Tea, Ajwain Dhuni, Madhuria, Mona or Silence

Affirmations: Mother I am not guilty

Mantras: ‘Allah ho Akbar’, Radha Krishna, Vitthala Rukmini

Petals: Sixteen

Elements: Ether

Day: Saturday

Position: Base of neck, Index Fingers

Country: America

Planet: Saturn