Vishuddhi Right



Gives all kinds of political problems (1980-1116); Problems when we talk too much, too loudly or use our words to intimidate others (1989-0814.1), are aggressive (MME), arrogant, or blunt… and is counteracted by Madhuria, sweetness (1981-1005) and also by going into Mona, silence (1989-0814.1); Which may catch… when you say mantras given by False Gurus… because of your right side… physical effort… and which is unauthorised… you have no business to do it; Sneezing is nothing but the right Vishuddhi opening out (1979-0609.3); Problems can include hoarseness or loss of voice (MME); Vitthala is associated with this centre (1981-1005)

For right Vishuddhi you can take basil in tea… and then also have an Ajwain Dhuni (1985-0502); The mantra for right Vishuddhi… is Om Twamewa Sakshat Vitthala Rukmini Sakshat (1979-1009.2); On the right hand side Shri Krishna resides as the king who ruled in Dwarika… the king, Shri Krishna (1986-0823)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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1986-0823.2 Gita, Lac Noir – see 1986-0823.2 good 30

1986-0823.1 Govinda, Lac Noir – see 1986-0823.2 good 25

1979-0609.3 Maria’s House Tape 3 poor

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1986-0823.1 Shri Krishna Puja, Lac Noir/ Raksha Bandhan, Hampstead 1986-0823.2 Govinda/Gita, Lac Noir

– end – 23 Mar 2003