The Voice… should be melodious, and the language should be controlled. If we can control our tongue, 80% of collectivity we will achieve. Tongue is first of all… for saying things which are sweet and beautiful… let us find out what sweet things we are going to say to people… not expressing ‘our’ views, like ‘I like it… I like that’ or ‘I want that’, but on the contrary… ‘do you like this’… ‘would you enjoy this’… so the language should be directed towards others… showing interest and concern (1985-0502)

A person, who is a Realised Soul becomes very soft, very delicate… when he talks to somebody, in his voice there is warmth… or I should say… in your dealings with others… you should be like the water… which is mobile… which is cooling… soothing… cleansing. So this also becomes a part and parcel of your being, once you become a Realised Soul (1998-1216)

Because of Vishuddhi there are so many problems… like Angina, Spondylitis… sometimes people lose their voices completely… sometimes they have all the time coughing (1986-0823); Problems… of Right Vishuddhi… can include hoarseness or loss of voice (MME); Too much of nodding is not a good sign… you just have to say ‘alright’ or ‘I understand’ that’s all… you have to use your voice instead of nodding like this all the time… is very bad for the Vishuddhi chakra (1986-0823)

Sometimes our Mother shouts at us… just once She shouts – immediately all the bhoots run away (1983-0113)… we accept correction, because we want our ascent (1987-1016)

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MME = Meta Modern Era by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

– end – 29 Jun 2003