Void 2 Problems



Problems with The Void

The Void… can be spoilt by drugs and bad Gurus; If you bow before any wrong guru… you catch your Ekadesha Rudra. Ekadesha Rudra is on your forehead… and starts with the Void… when your ten dharmas are in trouble… it starts with Void… on the ‘left’ side… when you have been dominated in your Guru Tattwa. In the Void… the left side Guru Tattwa comes… when going to wrong gurus, and wrong things… is the left side Guru Tattwa.

Then problems with ‘right’ side Guru Tattwa… in the Void… come, if you think you are a great guru, of if you have tried to dominate others by your ‘magnetism’ or whatever it is, or tried to do something like that… then your right side can be caught up… right side Guru Tattwa.

When the Ekadesha Rudra becomes very strong… on the physical level, it can become… like horrible troubles with the body… like cancer. Actually cancer can be felt on the stomach… you can feel the lub-dub on the stomach itself. If it is at the Nabhi place… you can feel the pulse, fast. Diseases like cancer… any destroying diseases… can start, which are very very fatal… because Ekadesha Rudra is the destroying power… the essence of destroying power. If it starts working on one side… it can spread to the other side also… so your Guru Tattwa must be respected. Even in Sahaja Yoga, if you just look after yourself, and don’t worry about others… then also your Guru Tattwa can be in trouble.

Now Guru Tattwa is also balanced by Nabhi. So actually, originally it starts with left and right Nabhi to begin with… so subtle it is. If you start making money individually, as a guru… or if you give money to somebody who is a guru… if it is to a wrong person… if for a wrong purpose you spend your money… then you catch… or if somebody wants to make money out of Sahaja Yoga for example… finished.

Drinking too much is against dharma… taking drugs… telling lies about other people… stealing… killing somebody… are against dharma… all these 10 commandments. So when you try to disobey them… and go on disobeying all the time… then it works that way… so be careful about your dharma; Fanaticism is against dharma; Adharmic things would include such things as cabarets, adultery, undignified behaviour, alcohol, wrong Gurus, reading bad books, fanaticism, denouncing religions, materialism etc.

– end – 29 Jun 2003