Void 3 Correcting

Correcting the Void

Void can be cured by saying the mantra for the Adi Guru; To neutralise… a guru who has been a bad guru… you have to surrender to the Real Guru… if your guru is a real guru… then you surrender to the Mother of your real guru… because your real guru is also surrendered to this – so all the gurus are to be surrendered at the Lotus Feet of your Mother. Christ is a real guru… he is. The Christ you know of… is to be also surrendered at the Lotus Feet of your Mother… because he is also my son… Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha… all of them are my sons… Adi Shakti created all of them… She is the Mother of all the Gurus… of all the Prophets… of all the Incarnations. She exists… and after her… only Parabrahma is.

When you are dealing with ‘left’ side Guru Tattwa… means, when you have had other gurus… you have to say ‘I am my own guru’… it solves the problem. If you have ‘right’ side, you have to say ‘Mother you are my guru’… for the time being – sometimes it can be quite harmful, if I say ‘all the time’ you have to go on saying. So the 5 on the right, and the 5 on the left can be solved. Now what is the 11th one… is the Spirit… is the Atma… for that you have to say ‘I am the Spirit’… you have to become the Spirit.

Problems of the stomach area are helped by taking vibrated salt, which absorbs all that is mobile. The five left side dharmas are corrected by taking vibrated salt, and the five right side dharmas are corrected by taking vibrated sugar; For left side problems take salt, for right side take sugar; If someone drinks some water that has been vibrated, that person becomes dharmic. When we are enlightened, we automatically become dharmic

This diarrhoea is important sometimes… to cleanse you out… it’s important; It is alright because it is a parasympathetic activity… it’s cleansing you see; With diarrhoea and also vomiting… it’s clearing out… that’s good for you… it’s the drugs, and bad Gurus, and things, that spoil your void, and when you come to Sahaja Yoga it comes out in this way. Let it be, it’s better; After Puja if it’s happening, it’s very good… it should happen after Puja; So be careful about your dharma.