Void 4 Deities



The Void – Aspect or Deity

The Primordial Master… the Adi Guru… Dattatreya.. who never declared himself to be the Incarnation of the Primordial Master, which he was… was born as the 10 main incarnations, of Moses, Mohammed, Abraham, Guru Nanaka, Raja Janaka, Socrates, Confucius, Lao-Tzu, Sai Nath (of Shirdi), and Zoroaster, and who all said to lead a moral life and who came to establish balance and teach the code of life, morality, in preparation for our ascent. Dattatreya was a very tall personality… whose wife was a very devoted woman, and whose birthday is celebrated in December; Your Mother is a Mahamaya, and She is the Mother of all the Adi Gurus, and She it was who taught and created all the Adi Gurus.

Moses… talked to those who were self-indulgent, degraded, degenerated, and decadent people, and who then made the laws for the Jews; From these laws, the Shariyat Laws were derived, and which were taken over by the Muslims, and which should be for the westerners; Who warned against drinking.

Mohammed… who is the same as Guru Nanak; Born in the month of November, and who died by poisoning… spoke of Abraham, Moses, Christ and about the Mother of Christ, with respect, and who therefore did not speak of an exclusive religion of Islam; Who taught the saying of ‘Allah ho Akbar’, with fingers in the ears, because the fingers used are those that are linked to the Deity of Vishnu, and because the Deity of Shri Krishna becomes Akbar; Who supported the institution of marriage… and who warned against drinking; Who said, in the Koran, “At the time of resurrection, your hands will speak”… and who said ‘I am the last prophet’ – to frighten the people, so that they would take to living a dharmic life; Who came back as Nanaka, and who said ‘Hindus and Muslims are the same people, following the same religion – why are you fighting among yourselves?’

The Void- Aspect or Deity

Guru Nanak… Born in the month of November, at midnight, in the Punjab; Who is the same as Mohammed; A Satguru… who was a married man; All the great Saints of India were married and had children… except for some people like Buddha, who died very early… he had to take a Sanyasa because of his work. Then we had Kabira, Nanaka… all of them were married people; Who had control over the elements – when he put his hand on a rock, water started to come out. Who lived in India, and talked of the 2nd birth and the need to be born again; In Nanaka’s time, Sikhism came in… formed often from the eldest sons of Hindu families… and so started a warrior class, which ended up by having wars between Hindus and Muslims; In Sikhism, Guru Nanak warned against smoking, and drinking.

Raja Janaka… the father of Sita; Who lived in Bihar, in India, and talked of the 2nd birth and the need to be born again; At the time of Raja Janaka, there was only one… who got Realisation… Nachiketa. Raja Janaka was a king… yet still he was so detached, that all the Saints used to go and touch his feet. He had all the luxuries of life… he lived in a palace… yet there were thousands of people in the procession, who were throwing pearls on him. Nachiketa, thinking he should get a pearl for himself, went to Raja Janaka, and asked for Self Realisation… but Raja Janaka said ‘I can give you all my kingdom, but not Self Realisation… because you are possessed by the idea of money… such a person cannot get Self Realisation’.

Socrates… lived about 500 years BC, and who talked openly, but was not understood, and was eventually poisoned. Plato and Aristotle were his disciples, but who went off their heads; Every word that Socrates said… is absolute truth.

Sai Nath of Shirdi… the last Incarnation of the Primordial Master or Guru, about 100 years back, who was a real prophet, and who talked of Sahaja Yoga, and did a lot of work for Shri Mataji.