Also called the Bhavasagara, or the Ocean of Illusion (1983-0302)… the area of the Primordial Masters (1982-0710)… of Dattatreya, namely the 10 Incarnations of the Adi Guru: Moses, Mohammed, Abraham, Guru Nanak, Raja Janaka, Socrates, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Shirdi Sai Nath, and Zarathustra (1980-0727; 1985-1128; 1984-0906), whose purpose was to teach balance, so that we can ascend (1982-0710); All the Gurus, all the Prophets are in the Void, are in the stomach (1979-0720), and which catches, when we have had the wrong type of a guru (1980-0727); In which there is no rationality, only the hunger, the seeking firstly for food, and for primitive things, then for sex life, for women, for men, then for power, for money, and ultimately for Spiritual satisfaction. When the Spiritual seeking starts, we do not know why we are seeking (1978-1005); Which can be spoilt by drugs and bad Gurus (1988-1221), but which can be cured by saying: “Mother, You are my Guru” (1980-0727), or by saying the mantra for the Adi Guru (1980-0517.2); The essence of Bhavasagara is Swaha (1986-0303)

It is of the water element, and in the water is the salt, the salt being the dharma within us; Problems of the stomach area are helped by taking vibrated salt, which absorbs all that is mobile. For left side problems take salt, for right side take sugar – 5 of the dharmas are helped by salt, and 5 are helped by sugar. The void is the ocean within us (1978-1005)

The Bhavasagara, the Void, the area around the Nabhi, enlightened by the ten principles of mastery, the ten great Primordial Masters, who have been born again and again on this earth; When it is fully enlightened, we become automatically righteous (MME); The area defined by the Swadisthan, around the Nabhi, but not connected to any chakra (1989-0723); The seekers are trying to get out of the Ocean of Illusion, and the Mother is there to protect, guide, counsel and to bring them out of that illusion (1983-0302)

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