There is a war going on between the Divine, and the Satanic Forces (known as Devils, Rakshasas, Asuras) who have come in the garb of religion, as the false gurus, the so called God-men and God-women, to demolish the Kingdom of God in the hearts of human beings. And this at the time when we are about to achieve our ultimate goal – to enter the Kingdom of God. These Satanic forces have gone into the minds of the seekers. We cannot see them, or understand just how dangerous they are. But we have to fight them, and for this we must be courageous and cheerful, wise and centred, without feelings of guilt – full of enthusiasm and valour (1980-0630); We are on a warpath. There is no time to waste on holidays, family etc. – ask for wisdom (1985-0408); We fight not with a sword, but with a shield (1986-0305); Today the war is within ourselves, not without… we are not realising how it is building up within ourselves… for example cancer is the physical war within ourselves (1980-0809)

Because of the atom bomb, which is very protective, nobody can think of having a big war now. Even the cold war will gradually stop, when they are fed up (1983-0113); War does one good thing sometimes… that people get out of the materialistic attitude. Lots of bad things are there… but this one thing I have seen… when the war shakes a man… he thinks ‘what’s the value of all these things I’ve been fighting for’. But if you get Niraananda… after that you don’t want to have any joy from material gains… from material things… you just do not want (1985-0502)

In a prediction from an astrologer Bhrigumuni, it is said that there might be a third world war… and it is linked with (a country’s – Ed) aggressive policies… but that the great incarnation who is also predicted, will interfere; There is a danger of a third world war, and it is inevitable, but it may be avoided, if people develop love for each other with this Mahayoga (1982-0130)

War is absolutely like madness… even animals won’t fight like that… you are even worse than animals when you think of war and killing each other… this should not be done, and it has to be stopped completely. Nobody has right to kill anybody unless and until he is attacked (2000-0423)

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– end – 1 Jun 2003