Well Being



Krishna has said ‘Yoga Kshema Wahamya Hum’ (1979-0530) “First you get your Yoga, then you get your well-being” (1984-0708) – when you get your yoga, when you are connected to God, then only I give you your well-being. Your well-being is done through Yoga – that means that unless and until you are a citizen of God’s Kingdom, you are not given these benedictions (1979-0530)… that you first get your Yoga… first get your Realisation… and then I’ll look after your well-being… he said it clearly. The Divine looks after you so well, you can’t imagine (1982-1007)

In the West, people do not believe in Yoga, whilst in the East, people do not believe in the Kshema (1978-0619); Kshema… or wellbeing (1983-0131); The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity (MME), and also of Health (1996-0716)… who is the Deity of well-being, who is Motherly… is Lakshmi (1980-1027)

Hita… is the well-being of the Spirit (1981-0802)… whatever is good for the Spirit (1984-0708), for the benevolence of the Spirit (1989-0814); Shri Krishna said ‘Satyam Vade (tell the truth), Hitam Vade (say something which is for the well-being of your Spirit), Priyam Vade’ (say something that is very appealing) (1979-0618)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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– end – 20 Apr 2003