Western Problems


Western Problems

The problem in the West is of a varied nature… the West is ego oriented… and the attention is outside; Start seeing what are the bad things that are being accepted in your own country, which are very dangerous and detrimental, even destructive, that have trickled down into your own personality. If we all see that point very clearly within ourselves (try to note it down, and watch yourself… where is it lurking)… I think you will do the greatest service to your own country… because whatever goes out of you, goes out of that country (1986-0705); So clear you attention first, and then everything is going to work out… where is my attention going… (1988-0106)

Westerners have certain problems of committing the sin against the Mother, whilst people from the East have the problem of committing the sin against the Father. It is not difficult for you to get out of it. Attention is to be kept pure. If the attention is not pure, there will always be attacks of negativity (1982-1219)

The modern curses in the West are worse (than the ones in India – Ed)… because they are not ‘troublesome’ at all… on the contrary they show as if you are on top of the world, as if you are very successful, and your attitude is… ‘what’s wrong’; The industrial revolution has already cursed us… we are eating food from tins… our milk is from hybrid animals… we have divorce, drugs… then our job or our business is the most important for us, and also things like putting colour in your hair, sitting in the Sun burning your skin, behaving indecently, indecorously – that seems to be the modern thing. What’s wrong… nothing is wrong… just you go to hell that’s all… just take 2 running jumps and go to hell… but leave Sahaja Yoga (1988-0106)

In the West, people buy everything as an investment… everything should be resaleable… and this is the curse of that place… in which country is it not so (.0011); In the West we are taught from quite young, to be on our own – delivering newspapers for example at 12 yrs of age… where we don’t know how to depend on love, or how to love our children (1978-0619); In the West, everybody is afraid of everyone, even the children are afraid to hug their parents – there is no expression of love. There should be no fear, no insecurity (1991-0728); We are constantly bombarded with criticism… always there is the fear that someone may criticise – but it doesn’t matter what they say… what they say makes no difference (1991-0728)

In the Western world, people believe in salvation, but think that they can achieve it by their own efforts, and this is one reason why the growth of Sahaja Yoga in the West is quite slow (1978-0619); We have a tendency to argue out everything – always finding arguments, reasons for not doing something, for not accepting solutions to problems: ‘yes but this may happen, or that may happen’. In Sahaja Yoga, whatever one says, or thinks, or desires, gets ‘connected’, and ‘acts’ – so be very careful (1991-0728); An even worse problem of the West is the need to see the ‘other side’ of everything – to be ‘fair’, and therefore not to be sure of anything – we can never progress with this type of shaking behaviour (1991-0728)

The entrepreneurs are busy pampering our egos, giving us fashions, hair fashions, clothes, too many choices over simple things like what I will have for breakfast etc. We should not become enslaved by any entrepreneurs – wear what is sensible (1991-0728); To people in the West, sex and money is the most important thing (1979-1009.1); It is a problem in the West that old men do not accept their age, and every young girl they see, they want to marry that girl (1998-0321); The West is ego oriented – they are finding all the methods of committing sins, how to commit the worst sins (1979-0928), where… indeed… the need is for Self Discipline (1990-0000)

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