William Blake


William Blake

Now Blake… the one who is the poet you have… really I would say… after Shakespeare. I wonder if Shakespeare was one man, or many people put together… but Blake was the poet you had… the greatest of all I would say. There were so many others also… Wordsworth was another… you can see… those who talk of charming things… of pleasant things… and beautiful things are the poets… not these garbage cleaners. What is wrong with us that we cannot make out between the stink and the fragrance. Auspiciousness is the way we emit our fragrance to others (1980-0721)

I was happy to learn that the great poet of this country, Blake… had prophesised about me… and it’s so beautifully done… that he said that England is going to be the Jerusalem… means that this is going to be the pilgrimage… the venue has shifted. He has said that the furnace will be burning in Surrey Heath, where I came first… and then he mentioned Lambeth Vale, where we have got our Ashram… where the foundations will be laid – we have laid the foundations – and that Jerusalem is going to be in England… not in India… and you are the people responsible for this Jerusalem (1980-1019; 1983-0128)

Only Blake, who was a Realised Soul, has cried of Jerusalem… he could see that vision… he was that sensitive… the way he has described, talked of the glory of this country, of England (1980-0809); Who prophesied much about Sahaja Yoga (1981-0330); Whose words “become prophets and make others prophets”, means “to know and make others know” (1984-0718); Poet, printer and prophet, born in London in the month of November, and whose paintings can be seen at the Tate Gallery in London. An incarnation of Bhairavnath, and who was St Michael, St George, and also Markendeya, 12000 years back (1985-1128); A great Seer (1982-0711); There is a special category of people who are born in these modern times… they are a very special category… those who are ‘seekers’… they are a special category, and Blake has called them as ‘men of God’ (1982-1007); The ‘Men of God’ spoken of by William Blake are the Sahaja Yogis (1982-1101)

Tape References

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