Is one of the powers of Shri Ganesha – an innocent person is the wisest person… and a child wiser than an ego oriented person (1986-0907); Wisdom is higher than intellect (1983-0512); Wisdom is only possible if one understands the limitations of rationality – if one is identified with rationality, then wisdom becomes dimmer and dimmer (1979-0416); In young age, you must try to gather wisdom… it’s very important. If you do not gather wisdom in young age, you can never have wisdom in old age (1986-0818)

The first, and the highest blessing, of Shri Ganesha is Wisdom

– those people who have got wisdom are very lucky people… a person is wise who does not only know what is right and wrong, but also he knows very well his own power not to do something wrong… he just does not do it (1993-0721)

So now we have to be wise, and see what it is that is destroying us… what is destroying our inner being. For Sahaja Yogis it is very important… because if they can hold it… with their wisdom… and firm faith in Sahaja Yoga… after some time the whole thing can subside… and this is what has to happen actually to the world. Otherwise they can be blown off also – if they are not rightly placed… if they are not grounded. If they are not fixed to their own enlightened faith of Sahaja Yoga, they can be blown off with this wind, which is there to torture the whole world… to destroy the whole world. So the responsibility of Sahaja Yogis is very important… that their Ganesha principle is alright… if it is not alright then the whole Sahaja Yoga movement can collapse (1993-0721)

Now we have a very good example of the little cell at the tip of the root of a tree… how it is so wise to avoid whatever is hard and to take to whatever is soft… and to invade the tree into the soil… it has that innate wisdom with which we also are endowed. Now you people don’t misunderstand me so much as you used to… but still you do things which should not be done. To understand that whatever I tell you is for your ascent, you need a kind of a state of mind which is a detached mind. The detached mind is visible… very clear-cut in a person that he’s neither very emotionally attached… and he’s not very physically attached… but he sees that the progress of himself and of the society is the point… like the cell knows it has to progress for the betterment of the tree… but it has innate wisdom to do it in such a way that it never harms itself… and does not harm the tree. So the progress of a mind which one should develop, has to be such that you should move with a balance… with a witness state… and see for yourself how far you should go… and how far you should not go. Going to extremes is not Sahaja Yoga style… ascent is (1985-0310)

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– end – 20 Mar 2003