In a woman, the womb of a woman… if it expresses the Kundalini in the gross… that means the Mother Earth is also like the womb. Now what does the womb do… it receives… the sperm… which is just a frivolous act of man, or you can say, just his aggression… and she then nourishes it, looks after it, corrects it… and allows it to grow… not in an aggressive way, but in a very compassionate and a sensible way, til it is expelled out of the womb when it is grown up (1983-0821)

This is what today’s Sahaja Yoga is… that now the Mother Earth is the one who is symbolised within you as the Mooladhara… is symbolised as the Adi Shakti here, sitting down before you… to nourish you… to make you grow into new personalities… into mature personalities – this concept we must understand. So the women of the West must understand that the nonsensical ideas that they have taken from men, must be completely discarded… they have to become women first… they have to be like this Mother Earth… who allows you to do what you like… with her (1983-0821)

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1983-0821 Mother Earth, Surbiton good 50

– end – 7 Oct 2002