Wrong Ideas


Wrong Ideas

With an ego oriented person, another very big problem exists… that he asserts his ideas above everything else. So always such a man… because he’s stupid and idiotic… the idiotic ideas survive… (1983-0209)

Whatever is wrong is wrong, whether today, tomorrow, yesterday or a thousand years back. Whatever is wrong for your dharma, for your sustainance, is wrong; ‘What’s wrong… with this… with that…?’… this question will be answered by Kalki only – and then you will not have any time to repent, or to ask ‘what’s wrong…’ (1979-0928)

Now you people don’t misunderstand me so much as you used to… but still you do things which should not be done. To understand that whatever I tell you is for your ascent, you need a kind of a state of mind which is a detached mind. So the progress of a mind which one should develop, has to be such that you should move with a balance… with a witness state… and see for yourself how far you should go… and how far you should not go. Going to extremes is not Sahaja Yoga style… ascent is (1985-0310)

If the Sahaja Yogis try to do something wrong, then they know they are doing wrong on their finger tips… or we can ask them to get out of Sahaja Yoga… but that seems to be the worst punishment for Sahaja Yogis… they don’t like… why… because they feel ‘we are separated from Reality’… all the blessings of the Reality are lost to them (2000-0423)

In India, nobody thinks ‘I am right’ – nobody thinks like that. Once you start thinking ‘I am right, and that person is wrong, I am doing alright, he’s wrong’… finished. The worst thing that can happen to human beings is ego… the worst thing. ‘Possession’ is better… at least you feel the pinch of it… but ego you never feel the pinch… you never feel there is ego in you… and you feel you are the most correct person (1980-0927)

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– end – 29 Jun 2003