The union of our attention with the Divine Power (1979-0720), with the Divine, as in the real Baptism, or Self Realisation (1982-0710); The union of our attention with the Feet of the Divine Mother, who alone gives Moksha, or Self Realisation (1990-0923); Yoga also means Yukti, meaning ‘trick’ or ‘technique of’, as ‘the Yukti of yoga’ (1991-0001); First is Yoga… means the Unity, or as called in Sanskrit, Yukti… of your attention, called as Jiva… and your Spirit, called as Shiva. These two must meet… unless and until they meet, you cannot reach your Absolute (1979-1009.1); Deftness (1984-0718); Kaushalam (1979-0720); Yoga is a living process… is sahaj (1979-1111); Sahaja Yogis are definitely connected with the Divine (1996-0505)

All Yogas are really Sahaja… otherwise whatever people call something as yoga is not yoga… because union takes place only spontaneously… only through Kundalini awakening – so yoga has to be Sahaja Yoga (1983-1001); All other Yogas are part and parcel of Sahaja Yoga… they cannot be separated. They have many types of Yoga. For example, in Kriya Yoga they cut the thread of the tongue so that they can push the tongue back, and by tickling with the tip of the tongue they think they will achieve the raising of the Kundalini… but it’s the other way round… the effect cannot reach the cause… you have to go to the cause, to come to the effect. Like if something goes wrong at the centre from where the electricity is coming, then by tickling this here you cannot cure that over there. When people saw these things happening to human beings, they formed different types of methods… the different Yogas etc., All are wrong, and all are right… try to understand, it’s very simple. After Realisation all of them are right… but before Realisation all of them are wrong. It’s like, before you start the car, if you turn the wheel… you only spoil the car – but once the car has started, and you know how to drive, then everything is right (1979-1111)


We must develop our powers by being silent within (1979-0422); To be quiet, itself is very great (1987-1224); When you meditate, you are in silence… you are in thoughtless awareness… then it is that the growth of awareness takes place (1988-0921); If there is any problem… anything… suddenly you must become peaceful within… then immediately you will find, the solution will come to you… this is a subtle of the Lakshmi Principle (1996-0716)

If there is something that upsets you, or makes you unhappy… try to reach that point, that axis… which is just silence, within you… and this silence will make you really powerful… because this silence is not only yours… when you are in that silence, you are in the silence of the Cosmos… and the silence of the Cosmos works for you… you are in connection with that Cosmic Power… but it’s more than that… it’s the Divine Power which is working all the Cosmos… so if you become silent within yourself, know that you are sitting in the Kingdom of God. This silence is the sign that you are definitely, now, in contact with the Divine… you are silent because the Divine is going to look after everything… you don’t have to do anything… just keep silent – but not forcefully it’s again a state. So you see, if any turmoil takes place, any problem takes place, suddenly your attention will jump onto that silence (1992-0719)


You are part and parcel of one single human being… and that is your Mother (1987-1230.1); You should be ‘one’ with myself, than with yourself… in the sense that the self that is within you, is me (1988-1203)

The Kundalini… when she comes up, and pierces your fontanelle bone… you can feel the baptism. When it pierces… and enters into the first strata of the Superconscious, the first thing that happens is you become ‘one’ with the Collective Being… and you start feeling from your hands a cool breeze flowing… vibrations… cool vibrations… called by Shankaracharya as Saundarya Lahari (1977-1121)

We must learn to be ‘one’… if after your Realisation, if you don’t understand this message, that we all have to be one, one single unit, one single body… if we cannot ‘be’… if you are identified with other things… then there is no way that you have grown… that you have matured (1998-0510)

When you are ‘one’ with the Divine Power, you just feel… ‘I am not doing anything’… just like the paintbrush in the hand of the artist, which never thinks it is doing anything… that it is the artist who is doing everything – and who is the artist… is the Divine Power, which loves you, which cares for you, which looks after you, which absolutely is identified with you. If you are one with the Divine, it looks after you… it has all the powers. Only one power it does not have, is to control you… if you want to ruin yourself, it gives you freedom, complete freedom… that’s why you must curb down that freedom, and respect the Divine Power (1998-0510)

Once you have got your Realisation… and once you have become ‘one’ with the Divine… then there is no question of your going down… unless and until you yourself want to go down. It’s very remarkable how you get this… and after that you don’t lose it… of course, first you must grow… and for that you have to meditate… but this meditation, once you do it… the whole being itself gets so enlightened, and so beautiful, that you don’t want to change it… you want to be there and enjoy it for ever (2000-0507)

Shiva and Shakti are ‘one’… just like the Sun and the Sunlight – if there is no light in the Sun, the Sun is no good (1997-1005)

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