The Vision, Immaculata (Location Unknown)


“There is a big inner revolution that is coming up.

We must understand we are delicately
made beautiful flowers of God.

We are human beings.

And the time has come for us to become
now the fruits.

This is the blossom time.”

“I think next century we’ll have
beautiful people all around us, no trouble of wars, very peaceful
we’ll be all sitting in the kingdom of God.”

The Vision

Since the beginning of time, […]

Sahaja Yoga: The Essential Medicine (Location Unknown)

Sahaja Yoga – The Essential Medicine

Sahajayoga and essential medicine Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi- grandmother, scholar and freedom fighter. As a child she lived in Gandhiji’s ashram, as a student she studied medicine and as cry for freedom swept India she fought for her nation’s independence. The year 1970 was about her most important role. The discovery of development of sahajayoga, a movement which is now spreading in worldwide. Sahajayoga is a science of integration which results in man’s mental, […]