This website has been created by sahaja yogis for sahaja yogis.

We aim to collect, preserve and diffuse all the teachings of Shri Mataji and to continuously improve this website to be the appropriate unique source of references for the Sahaj sangha. This work can be done only through a collective endeavour and attention and we rely on the collaboration and support of all of you.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us, if you notice any imprecision.

This website is born from the collaboration of many Sahaja Yogis: those who made transcriptions, those who translated, those who took the videos, those who digitalized them and finally those who put everything together on this site.

The videos and audios are now provided by the Nirmala Vidya Webteam.

Many thanks also to the invisible collaborators, i.e. those who created (and shared for free) WordPress, the program that allowed us to create this website and many others for spreading Sahaja Yoga… and for allowing the whole world to communicate easily: no borders on the net.

Jay Shri Mataji

Nirmal Intellectual Property Corporation (NIPC)

On September 16, 2005 Shri Mataji officially transferred ownership of all Her work to the trusteeship of the “Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga Foundation” (SMNDSYF), as composed by Shri Mataji and the members of the WCASY (World Council for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga). Its mission is to protect, preserve and distribute all of Her works in electronic and published formats. WCASY had been previously given full authority for the advancement of Sahaja Yoga by Shri Mataji herself:


The Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga Foundation (SMNDSYF) was registered as a religious not-for-profit organization in the USA (501(c)(3) and given full ownership of Shri Mataji’s intellectual property. It was then renamed as the “Nirmal Intellectual Property Corporation” (NIPC) on the 26th of August 2006.

The specific purpose of this corporation is to facilitate and support the activities and efforts of reproducing and distributing, all over the world, the written, audio and visual records of the life and teachings of Shri Mataji (Her Works), either directly or through licensing or other appropriate arrangements; taking all necessary and appropriate action for the technical protection and preservation of the Works; and taking all necessary and appropriate action to hold and protect such intellectual property rights to the Works and such trademarks, trade names, service marks and goodwill as may come into the possession of the corporation through donation by Shri Mataji or otherwise.

The inspiring force behind the formation of this corporation is Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Shri Mataji has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world by giving them self-realization and the capacity to share it through the practice of Sahaja Yoga.

Shri Mataji is the example, the ideal and the source of all inspiration for what this corporation accomplishes, and it remains wholly dedicated to the task of carrying forward the work of Shri Mataji, and to being guided by Her wisdom, direction and teachings.

Nirmala Vidya llc

Nirmala Vidya, llc is a company founded in 2011 to look after the day to day protection, preservation and distribution of Shri Mataji’s Intellectual Property. The owner of Nirmala Vidya llc is NIPC (Nirmala Vidya Intellectual Property Corporation), a not-for-profit organization in the USA, formed with the blessings of Shri Mataji herself in 2005.

The mission of Nirmala Vidya llc is:

  • To ensure that the Intellectual property is preserved, maintained and defended for all time.
  • To ensure that the Work of Shri Mataji is preserved, reproduced and distributed broadly throughout the world.
  • To defend, develop and utilize trademarks to ensure that the original teachings of Shri Mataji are propagated throughout the world in perpetuity.

Nirmala Vidya, llc is incorportated in the state of New Jersey. Our physical location is in Shri Mataji’s house next to the New Jersey Ashram: Nirmala Vidya llc 268 Overpeck Avenue, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 USA.

There are few teams of volunteers who are working for this project and supporting the mission :

  • Website team
    Work on the development of the website and the apps to make the intellectual property of Shri Mataji available to the sangha for free
  • Legal team
    Work on the legal protection of the intellectual property of Shri Mataji. They also make sure that all operations of the NIPC non-profit organization and Nirmala Vidya, llc are operated legally under US and international law
  • Communication team
    They support the communication about the project
  • Publishing team
    To advice about the use of the copyrighted material for books

Funding of the project

The mission of Nirmala Vidya llc is not possible without adequate funding. In keeping with the principles handed to us by Shri Mataji, the only source of funding is through the generosity of the Sahaja Yoga collective – through donations, and through the sale of Shri Mataji’s intellectual property. Viewing content on the website is free. The recorded legacy of Shri Mataji is most sacred.

A substantial amount of funds are going towards the preservation of recordings. This is much more than just to make a digital copy of a tape, but a careful, lengthy, professional procedure to ensure the highest quality possible for future generations to come (see Devi Productions for more info). Nirmala Vidya, llc is committed to full openness regarding its finances (See reports here). The best and easiest way to ensure financial security for the mission of Nirmala Vidya is via a monthly recurring donation on this website.


Preservation Team

This team is located in Austria and contracted by Nirmala Vidya llc and is dedicated to the Tape Preservation.

The task of the Tape Preservation is to primarily register, archive and safely store the collection of any available physical tape containing original Recordings of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Please watch this video to get to know more about this process.

Additional tasks of the Team is digitizing the whole variety of formats (from VHS, U-Matic, BETACAM to DVCpro and MiniDV), this also includes restoring the physical tapes, of which some are torn or ripped and securely storing the digital files, optimizing the footage, which includes respectful Audio and Video enhancement and finally supporting the transcription and subtitle creation for Shri Mataji’s talks.

The Team is continuously providing newly rendered videos newly rendered videos to be uploaded to amruta.

Currently three Sahaja Yogis work full time to accomplish these tasks.

Please contact them by clicking the feedback button on the NirmalaVidya.org website.