Transcripts without the media

1975-03-01 Talk to Sahaja Yogis New Delhi (India) [English]
1977-02-23 Interview feature, Evening News (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1979 ISSUE) New Delhi (India) [English]
1979-08-18 Atma and Paramatma New Delhi (India) [Hindi]
1980-01-04 Reception of Sir C.P. New Delhi (India) [English]
1980-12-31 Nirmala Vidya Rahuri (India) [English]
1981-03-11 About self control, dedication and behaviour New Delhi (India) [English]
1981-03-24 Public Program Day 2 University of New South Wales, Sydney (Australia) [English]
1981-03-25 Darshan at Ashram Part 1 & 2 Sydney (Australia) [English]
1982-01-01 Radio Interview Reading (England) [English]
1982-02-20 Talk to Sahaja Yogis (Part 2 = 30 January 1982) New Delhi (India) [English]
1982-08-28 Conversation, These Are the Days of Confusion Freiburg (Germany) [English]
1983-02-23 Public Program Day 1 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) [English]
1983-02-24 Public Program Day 2 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) [English]
1983-03-10 Radio Interview 3DB Melbourne (Australia) [English]
1983-03-10 Talkback Radio Interview 3UZ Melbourne (Australia) [English]
1983-03-23 Public Program (media missing) Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) [English]
1983-05-01 Newspaper Interview before the up-coming USA Tour with Stan Bostock published in Zireus on May 1983 London (England) [English]
1983-12-11 Speech at School Chowk (India) [Marathi]
1983-12-15 Parent’s day celebrations New Delhi (India) [Hindi]
1985-03-14 Talk to Sahaja Yogis Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia) [English]
1987-02-27 Conversation with Dr. Talwar Mumbai (India) [Hindi]
1987-12-01 Conversation, Treatment of virus infections Pune (India) [English]
1987-12-14 Tour Introductory Talk Alibag (India) [English]
1987-12-20 Talk at Rahuri Temple, India Tour Rahuri (India) [English]
1988-02-14 Mahashivaratri Puja Mumbai (India) [English, Hindi]
1988-03-21 Birthday Puja (no sound) Mumbai (India) [English, Marathi]
1988-06-09 The Story of Markandeya Vienna (Austria) [English]
1988-10-13 3rd Day of Navaratri Pune (India) [English]
1988-10-14 4th Day of Navaratri Pune (India) [English]
1988-10-17 7th Day of Navaratri Pune (India) [English]
1988-10-18 8th Day of Navaratri Pune (India) [English]
1989-03-05 Importance of True Love, Shri Mataji’s Updesh Nagpur (India) [Marathi]
1989-07-10 Interview with “Afrique Magazine” Paris (France) [English]
1990-02-28 Talk to Sahaja Yogis Singapore Changi Airport, Changi (Singapore) [English]
1990-12-01 Talk Unidentified (India) [English]
1990-12-25 Talk on Marriages Ganapatipule (India) [English]
1990-12-27 Makeshwarashiva, talk Ganapatipule (India) [English]
1991-12-21 Talk after Marriage Announcements Kolhapur (India) [English]
1991-12-23 Opening talk Ganapatipule (India) [English]
1991-12-27 Talk before Marriages Ganapatipule (India) [English]
1991-12-29 Talk after Fishermen’s Dance Alibag (India) [English]
1991-12-29 Talk During Music Night Alibag (India) [English]
1991-12-29 Talk at end of Music Night Alibag (India) [English]
1991-12-31 Final Talk Kalwa (India) [English]
1992-03-15 Talk to Sahaja Yogis Mr Ng’s house, Petaling Jaya (Malaysia) [English]
1992-08-26 Advice given by Shri Mataji on Indian Spices and Ingredients Montfermeil Ashram, Montfermeil (France) [English]
1992-12-25 Brazilian Senate, Reporter-Journalist Ganapatipule (India) [English]
1993-03-24 Advice on Gudi Padwa New Delhi (India) [Hindi]
1993-07-31 Public Program Day 1 Yubileyny Sports Palace, St. Petersburg (Russia) [English]
1994-03-20 Birthday Felicitations Talk Kolkata (India) [English]
1996-03-12 Public Program KDU University College Hall, Petaling Jaya (Malaysia) [English]
1996-03-14 Talk to Sahaja Yogis Shri Saraswati Hall, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) [English]
1996-06-18 Public Program Teatro Verdi, Genoa (Italy) [English]
1998-04-05 Shri Rama Puja Noida House (India) [English]
1999-06-27 Press Conference Vancouver, Sutton Place Hotel (Canada) [English]
2000-03-18 Message for Yuva Shakti Pune (India) [English]
2000-09-12 Public Program Turin (Italy) [English]
2001-01-14 Makar Sankranti Puja Pune (India) [English, Marathi]
2001-01-26 Republic Day Pratisthan (India) [English]
2001-07-30 Talks to brides New York City (United States) [English]
2001-12-18 Talk to Sahaja Yogis Hong Kong (China) [English]
2002-01-14 Makar Sankranti Puja Pune (India) [Marathi]
2002-03-29 Holi Celebrations Palam Vihar, Gurgaon (India) [Hindi]
2002-08-01 VOA ITV Interview with Sir C.P. New Jersey (United States) [English]
2003-03-14 TV Interview Noida (India) [Hindi]
2003-04-07 Wedding Anniversary Mumbai (India) [English]