Devi Productions (DP)

Devi Productions (DP)

Devi Productions (DP) is a company located in Austria contracted by Nirmala Vidya llc and is dedicated to the Tape Preservation.

The task of the Tape Preservation is to primarily register, archive and safely store the collection of any physical tapes containing original Recordings of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, this includes the restoration fo the physical tapes, of which some are torn or ripped.

Please watch this video to get to know more about this process.

Additional tasks of the DP is digitizing the whole variety of formats (from Vhs, BETACAM till DVCpro and MiniDV), securely storing the digital files, optimizing the footage, which includes respectful Audio and Video enhancement and finally supporting the transcription and subtitle creation for Shri Mataji’s talks.

Devi Productions is continously providing newly rendered videos newly rendered videos to be uploaded to amruta.

Currently three Sahaja Yogis work full time to accomplish these tasks.

Please contact Devi Productions by clicking the feedback button on the website or write to Boris Hanreich, one of the DP coworkers: [email protected]