What happens if our human awareness moves to the left or to the right?

Munich, Deutsches Museum (Germany)

1986-07-12 What happens if our human awareness moves to the left or to the right? Munich, DP-RAW, 120' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Self-RealizationDownload subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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Public Porgram, day 2, Munich, Germany, 12-07-1986

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

Yesterday, I told you that Truth is to be discovered on your Central Nervous system through the evolutionary process not through some imaginary mental projections and to believe into something because somebody is telling you in a very convincing manner. Even, you have not to believe Me, what I tell you. As I said yesterday, you have to treat it like a hypothesis and with an open mind of a scientist to discover the Truth yourself. It is your lookout that you have to be convinced; I am not here to convince you or to persuade you to believe into something because even if you believe in Me, believe in what I say, if you do not get the experience of Self-realization, it is of no value. 

Now today, as I told you yesterday, how the human awareness, which has got it’s roots in the brain, starts growing downward and takes us to our destruction in every center and unless and until we get the ascent, we, our human awareness can never take us to that place where we say that this is the Self, the Spirit. So, every human effort to experience new things or to try new things is nothing but amounts to a ego trip is not reality.

Now today, I would like to tell you what happens if our human awareness moves to the left or to the right. Now in our system there is something called Autonomous Nervous System, which means, auto means somebody driven by self. It is driven by self – autonomous. So, what is this self? Now, this Autonomous Nervous System is divided into Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems within us. On the subtler level, the left side that you see here, what we call as Ida Nadi, in the Sanskrit language, manifests the left, the Left Sympathetic Nervous System and the one which is on the right hand side, which starts from the Swadishthana – the yellow colored one – is the one, what we call as, the Pingala Nadi. It manifests the Right Sympathetic Nervous System.

Now the central path, that you see here half-broken, is the path of Kundalini, which, actually, manifests in us the Parasympathetic Nervous System and is called as Sushumna Nadi in the Sanskrit language. By the left Nadi, that you see here the blue colored one, you desire something – is a power of desire. It looks after our emotional side and is somewhere near Freud’s id, we can call it but he was very confused – but is the one that looks after your past and your conditioning. So, this is the one that gives you your conditioning or your past. Now the right side one that you see, the yellow one, is the one that gives you your future and this is the one which works on your physical and your mental level so that you have now – left hand side is emotional and the physical and the mental side on the right side. I must confess, English language is extremely confusing  because the one who suffers from the mental side, uh.. they say, is actually suffering from the emotional side. So, let us take an exact word for that, is the when we say the mind, we mean the emotional side. I think, that will do and the Kundalini, you say, is the fourth power within us, which is coiled up in three and a half coils and is lying in that sacrum bone, as we call it, in a sleeping state. 

That will do, I’ll manage. It’s alright. Thank You.] Now we have seen these four powers within us. First is the left side power of desire, right side power of action and the central path of our evolution. Now whatever we have evolved, is shown on our Central Nervous System which records everything. We can say that all these three powers built-in the program of the Central Nervous System. 

Now say, for animals, you ask a horse to pass through a dirty lane or a dog – he will just go through, he will not have any problems but for a human-being, to go through a dirty lane, will be very difficult. So, on our Central Nervous System we have built-in a new capacity to see beauty, to see color, to see uh.. the dirt and filth, on our Central Nervous System. Human-beings need not be told that this is smelling dirty – they can smell it. As in Sanskrit it is said, “Nahin kasturi ka modaha shapathe namo bhavyathe.” The smell of the musk need not be vowed for; It exists, you can see it yourself. In the same way, our Central Nervous System records all that we have gained through our past, through our conditioning and also what we think about our future. Now, when you start moving towards the left side in your attention, you become, sort of, very emotional person.  Like, we can say, a Greek tragedy you indulge into something tragic – you enjoy tragedies. You are a happily married man still you like to hear the songs of separation. You have everything and a nice wife but still you are thinking of somebody and unnecessarily you are miserable. Then this devotion can go to anything – it can go to God also as we call it as bhakti cult. I mean, they will go on saying, “Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama,” thousand times, sometimes six thousand times, like mad or like, “Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ,” they’ll go on. They will just, sort of, without any connection with Christ or without any connection with Ram, just imaginary emotions they will start putting on God. This bhakti cult we had in India much before anywhere it started, I think. So, they are running on the street, all of them, ‘Hare Rama, hare Krishna,’ running on the street like mad, has no meaning.  As a result of this kind of a chanting on the left hand side, you develop a kind of a very funny cancer, which also can result into a situation, where we call it, as the Left Vishuddhi catch where you feel unnecessarily guilty. It becomes a fashion with people to say you’re miserable and that you’re very guilty, for nothing at all and to say that you must go into misery is the same nonsense that you go to the left side. You cannot go into any situation yourself and achieve it as far as spirituality is concerned but, you must know that the Spiritual ascent is a living process and is evolutionary process which works spontaneously. So, going towards left side is even more dangerous than going towards right side. Left-sided people don’t torture others but torture themselves. Now the area they entered into, first of all, is their past, this past, this life’s past. Then they enter into their own past. This is a very wrong thing, these days some people have started asking about your past, past – it’s a very dangerous area. Past is finished and gone – it doesn’t exist.

Now, when you go beyond that, you go into the very, very dangerous area called Collective Subconscious area. From Subconscious to the Collective Subconscious. This one, I say, is the most dangerous area.

Now supposing, you were a very right-sided person and you are vulnerable to cancer – first thing you’ll catch will be cancer because into the, into the Collective Subconscious all that is dead since the time of our creation is there within us. This is all accepted now by the doctors that these cancer is caused by Protein 52 and Protein 58 which are built within us in an area about which they don’t know – they are very honest – but into the area which is within us since our creation – is an accepted fact. So, when you start experimenting like this, even Freud and all this nonsense, when you start experimenting, you go to your left side. Say, as I said, on Vishuddhi chakra, if you go on taking the name of somebody’s continuously then somebody, who is dead with that name in the atmosphere, just enters into your body and you can get completely possessed.

Like, somebody who was, he used to take Christ’s name and he started feeling he’s become Christ and he came to Me he said, “I’m Christ.” I said, ‘Alright, then walk on the water.’ ‘If you can do that I will believe it.’ So, this is what happens like Gauguin, now a great artist as you know him, died as a mad man and somebody who used to copy him and used to think of him all the time, read about him, suddenly he started painting like Gauguin. Nothing new but the same thing he was putting on the canvas and I saw this on a television show that he was saying, “I am possessed by Gauguin.” Now many people think that, if they are born and they can tell about their past – it is their own past. It is not necessary that it is your own past, it might be some possession is sitting on you and you are telling your past and it may be the past of that person who died. Now this possession business is so secretive and so dangerous that people have no idea about it. It is a special art, which is practiced in India and everywhere as witchcraft, by which people get hold of these dead spirits and put them on others and try to capture them. It may be called as black magic or anything. Most of the gurus try this trick and they possess the people so much so, that people become absolutely mad, give away all their money, give away everything they have and they don’t see that this man is just exploiting them. Ultimately, there can be a complete suicide of all the people they can take to or there may be people, individuals who might get into epilepsy. Epilepsy is a sign of possession and such a man is not within himself.

He might get such a terrible power within himself that even ten people cannot control. The other day, I saw a child of one year possessed and three people could not hold her and were perspiring. This is what happens when you get possessed by some sort of a devilish personality. Many people, who become mad or all them who become mad, are possessed.

Even Schizophrenia comes from the same. All disturbances of the mental level, so called mental, I mean the emotional level, are from this possession. Suddenly, a person starts screaming or shouting or behaving in a different manner it doesn’t explain – it is nothing but a possession. Many people ask Me, why in America there is so much schizophrenia? Because so many of these Indians were killed by Spanish.  Maybe they are possessing. 

Specially the people who have been to Vietnam are possessed people, absolutely. They are very abnormal and very sly and always running away from society. Also some of the drugs take you to the left side. Alcohol also takes you to the left side; Excessive alcohol drinking can really make you a mad man. So, all these things lead you to the left side and you suffer from not only mental troubles but also physical troubles. Such a person always is very lethargic.

He doesn’t want to work, he wants to sleep all the time and he is not very neat or clean and if you try to organize such a person, he gets very annoyed, can be extremely violent. Now you, one can go through chakras and chakras and see how on every chakra there is a possibility of your movement to the left side. For example, if you are suddenly frightened by someone or you have a very frightful experience and you are absolutely lost, that time you can go to the left side and you can catch it, the way, what we call, the possession. Say for example, you parents have been not kind to you or you had a very bad childhood when in as childhood, when the child needed the attention of the mother and father and love from them, he was ill-treated, then the child can become extremely left-sided or right-sided depending on his temperament but when he’s left-sided, he develops very funny symptoms. People achieve it also by giving you wrong type of food which is being done by with some sort of a black magic; When you eat that food, you can go to the left side and you can get possessed. Some of the gurus give those ashes which actually come from the crematoriums. Such people can suffer from terrible skin troubles. It is such a secretive knowledge that it is not easy for you to understand unless and until you get your realization. On the Swadishthana Chakra, it could be a person who is a very, very dynamic person, who is showing good results in art or in creativity, can be over-doing everything, is exerting too much onto that or going into it’s imagination, may be caught up or maybe, somehow or the other, cursed by someone, so he stops all his activity. So, when we start experimenting, we should know that with human awareness, either you’ll go to the left or to the right. The best way people achieve mesmerism is through their eyes. They ask a person to look into his eyes and then somehow or other, try to possess that person. or could be, that this Agnya Chakra they can turn it in such a way that in the opposite direction, so that the person gets possessed. The worst is the possession on the Mooladhara Chakra, which is the lowest chakra here, on your sex. Many gurus or many people use this chakra to entice people and then it is very difficult to get these people out of that. We stand in great danger because we do not know what one will do to us and when we start in darkness some sort of an experiment, it’s a very, very dangerous sign. 

So it is very important, before you take to any such experiments, you must first find out the disciples of such a guru or the people who are around such a guru, how are they, how do they look like, are they knowledgeable? How, what is their lifestyle, what sort of people they are?  But human-beings are dare-devils and they try to do things which can be very injurious. Like, I would say, we see a person coming out of a pub, who just falls off of over-drinking and we try to, sort of, again go into the pub. All the chakras can be affected by Mooladhara, if you’re caught up on Mooladhara, and then you develop all these diseases like Parkinson, Mellitus, all these degenerating things. So, any kind of extreme behavior can lead you to the left or to the right. So, before starting any experiment, you must see the person who is started the experiment, where is he. Now, say, for example Freud – he was epileptic, he had cancer and he was a funny man as far as the mother was concerned, so still people followed him. And some people followed him to such an extent that they replaced him with Christ. Even if somebody says that, “We are very religious people, we are very spiritual people,” you must see what sort of life they lead. Are they normal people or are they abnormal?

Now, to the right side now. The movement starts on the right side of our awareness. As I told you, is the action – on the right side we perform through our physical and mental activity – for our future also. Now on the physical side, supposing, somebody starts over-doing something, then what happens to a person like that. For example, take jogging. It’s very common disease nowadays – everybody is running on the road. Everybody is trying to become a cinema actor. Now, what we have to understand that jogging is only physical exercise and if you overdo it, you will develop physically but what about your emotional side? You will seldom find a happy jogger – they’re always miserable. There will be a fight between the wife, maybe a divorce after sometime. I met one dentist. He told Me, “Now, I’ve become absolutely a saint.” I said, “How?” He said, “I’ve been jogging, jogging now I don’t feel anything. I didn’t feel the death of my child, I didn’t feel the death of my wife, nothing I feel – I’ve become a yogi.” And he was thin like a bean stick, I tell you, and still he was trying to jog because the habit he could not give up. His, I mean, his bones used to run on the streets – the skeleton. He could not give up that habit despite that he’d lost all his weight. Same thing with any physical exercise if you do indiscriminately – for example, take Hatha yoga. If you start doing Hatha yoga, every type of asana without understanding what is your problem, where the Kundalini is stopping, you indiscriminately start doing Hatha yoga, you might develop terrible problems of the heart and one becomes a very fiery person, extremely angry, hot-tempered and very dry.

They have no love, they have no tolerance, they cannot bear anything. I would say some French – you can meet them – because they eat lot of fungus, their liver goes out and then they are all the time thinking, thinking, thinking. They eat every kind of fungus. There are 200 type of cheese they have got which has got fungus in it. I mean, if you put a little fungus on your hand, all your life you cannot get rid of it – it’s so horrid. So now, when we start thinking too much, on the mental side what happens to our body? We think of the future.

Telescopic we become, we become very speedy. Like you see, if there’s a train coming, such a person has to arrive at the station which is, say at A point; He will reach at B point where the train doesn’t stop. They go on thinking, thinking like mad produce no results and this is so maddening that such a person can become extremely dry. And this dryness can have effect on all the chakras. Like, on the Mooladhara he becomes a constipated person; he develops all the problems of constipation; then he has too much heat in the body; then at Swadishthana he develops a very bad liver; liver becomes absolutely dried up; liver is the one that takes away all our poison and passes on to the water of the blood but when there is not sufficient water, the heat remains there and liver starts troubling such a person and he develops horrible things like like, biliousness and ultimately cirrhosis of the liver. So, the liver starts spoiling, spoiling your attention and you cannot enjoy anything, you don’t like anything. You cannot eat much, you feel giddy and if you sit in the Sun or anything, you becomes really, absolutely burnt up. Now, this yellow line is called also Surya Nadi – means the uh.. channel of the Sun. These right-sided people are very much fond of the Sun also, they go to the sea-shore and burn their skins in addition to what they have already burnts inside and develop cancer of the skin.

It is another way of futuristic thinking gives you a very serious trouble of attack all heart attack which is, which has a spiritual significance. A person, who is extremely aggressive and extrovert, his attention is always outside and not on his heart, not on his Spirit. As a result of that, Spirit sleeps off and he gets a massive heart attack. There’s another thing, as I told you, that one can develop Diabetes and all those things because of too much of aggressiveness. But the aggressiveness of the tongue gives you all kinds of problems of the Vishuddhi, here. If you shout too much and if you aggress people by your talking, try to put them down by your talking, try to take their charge by your talking, sharpness, you develop all the problems of the right Vishuddhi. Now, if husband is a shouting person, the wife becomes deaf but husband himself suffers from terrible coughing, cold and all kinds of bronchial troubles and then he becomes vulnerable to the cancer also.

Somehow, if he’s triggered by this Protein 52 or 58, then he gets the throat cancer. So he removes his gullet, he removes his nose, he removes his tongue – goes on removing one after another. This is what is up to Vishuddhi chakra but Agnya is the most dangerous. The masters of this black magic use their Agnya through their eyes. These people when they use their Agnya chakra that way before death, they have to go through Hell as far as their body is concerned. They may develop all kinds of allergies or they may develop all kinds of heating problems like blisters – their body will blister out. Their head may burst out with heat. They may have their brain damages, paralysis. This is only the physical side that happens but mentally also the people, who are right sided can become horrid. They become very aggressive. Like when they are possessed, you see, an idea can come into their heads that, “Let us become aggressive,” you see, fascist, they become fascist or they can become very right-sided people. We can say, as we have in London nowadays they, they have shaven their hair and all that, they have no marriages, nothing but they find anybody of a black color – they just strangle that person. They aggress others, all the time they aggress by some sort of a funny doing. Very embarrassing.  At the right moment things happen, you know.

We were getting rather serious, so we needed something like that. So, as we see now, all these things happen to us when we try to go to the right. As I said, when we aggress others, you see, now, when we start aggressing others, we destroy others. But we are part and parcel of the whole. If you destroy anything in that Whole, that the Whole thing then, you are destroying yourself as well. So, we think that by aggressing others we are not harmed – you are very much harmed. Whatever you give to others, goes round that person and comes back to you. Now, a person who always says, “I hate you, I will kill you,” all that, may die with a very harsh hands himself. Such a man is always hated – no one likes him.

But the, on the subtler level what happens to you is on this thing, that such people sometimes lose their voices completely – they can’t talk and could be that they, they can not ascend at all. In the brain, as you can cut the brain you can see in the transverse section of the brain, it looks like many petals. That is what is called as Sahasrara because there are 1000 nerves according to sahaja yoga. Doctors will fight because they say that there are only 998 because they couldn’t count two more. Now, these nerves within us, these nerves within us, give us a brain which is not being used; We have used very little part of our brain so far. There are so many deeper sides in our brain which we have never used. So, if we have to make an experiment, we must ascend and go to our Sahasrara, inside here and you’ll be surprised, that when people achieve this breaking of the Sahasrara, they become one with the All-Pervading Divine ether and they develop a new awareness, a new dimension on their Central Nervous System that they can feel others, they can feel themselves. This is the minimum. Then, when you raise the Kundalini of others, which you can do, you put them in the center and solve all their problems of the sides. Many mad people have been cured through sahaja yoga – is a fact.

People have dropped their habits, any kind of habits that they had, suddenly just like that overnight. You can’t imagine how people have changed. If I tell you, it cannot be believe because it is impossible for you to believe but when you see for yourself this is happening, you are amazed. How this Kundalini rising solves all our problems because we are neither on the right or on the left but we are above ourselves. I’ll give you an analogy to understand it because you all are fond of motor-cars – it will be easy to explain. In every car we have got a accelerator, that is the right side and the and the break on the left side which stops it – we need both. Now when we are practicing driving, we, what we do, is to practice the left and the right both of them and then when we learn it, we learn it. When do we learn – when we learn it. Alright. So, when we learn driving, what do we know? We know how to use the left and the right. So, you become a driver; We can say, you become a balanced personality – what we call it, dharmik. But supposing, you use only the break, the car will not move or if you use only the accelerator – you’ll know what will happen to you. But still you are a driver and the master is sitting at the back.

When you get your realization, you become the master. Then you start seeing the driver in you and the left in you and the right in you and to achieve that we have the central path through which you ascend. This is the path which is established through our ascent in our previous evolutionary process. For example, this red thing that you see here – Mooladhara – was Carbon when we were Carbon. Now, the central path represents the Nitrogen, left side the Hydrogen and the right side the Oxygen. Now, when the Carbon combine with the Nitrogen, it it became amino acids and we became alive and ascent started. Now, if you consider this as the body of the whole and we are part and parcel of it then you consider that the evolution has taken place from this to that stage one by one where all those leaders, who were there, are represented on the centers. As human-beings are made in the image of the great Primordial being, you can see here, the center green is represents in the, what we call, as Bhavasagara – the Great Ocean. And this Great Ocean is the one where the fishes came up through amoeba stage and then the fishes crossed over and then, gradually, how all the animal kingdom came up. Like that, all these deities, that we think of, are the leaders, are the leaders of the centers which they occupy. So, we can say, that Christ came at this point.

He was an Incarnation which was made of, we can say, the, I get sometimes confused with the English language. uh.. we can say, with the All-Pervading Power, with the Onkara itself. There was no element of Earth in Him, so He could walk on the water and He could resurrect Himself through this center and that’s why it is said that He’s the gate – through Him you have to pass. By doing that, it is, the optic chiasma, in the center of that it is – it is controlling Pitutary and Pineal body. Now, when the Kundalini rises and She awakens Christ there, He sucks in these two things which are created by left and right side – one is the ego on the, on that yellow side and the superego on the left hand side. So, these ego and superego form this kind of a shell for us and we become like a egg, we can say. Sometimes they overlap and then we become very hard shell and we become, what we call, we develop our I-ness. When the Kundalini passes through this Agnya Chakra, then She sucks in, He sucks in Christ sucks in the left and the right – the conditioning and the karmas and the whole thing goes inside, like that and over the limbic area, with the fontanel bone area, you find like a small child you develop a soft bone again. This is your re-birth.

In Sanskrit language a bird is called as a dwijah – means born twice and a brahmin, the one who knows the Brahma – the All-Pervading Power, is also called as dwijaha. Brahmins, means the one who has known the Brahma – the one who’s a realized soul – but nowadays we have all kinds of Brahmins in India. Mostly they are cooks or they sit in the temple and sell ganja on things like that. 

Horrid! Alright, so now, when, when the Kundalini sucks in and this opens out, you feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your fontanel bone area on top of your head because on top of your head is the place of the God Almighty, as we call it, or you call Him Sadashiva or whatever name it may be and His power is the Primordial Mother, Adishakti – the Holy Ghost and Onkara is the Son is Their Power. Now, it is impossible to understand that you have a Father, Who is a God you have a God as a Son and no Mother – missing – Holy Ghost, how can you have that? Have you seen such a situation? A father giving birth to a son – I have not seen so far. So there has to be a Mother, the female.

That’s the Primordial Mother and She’s represented within us as Kundalini and God Almighty represented within us as the Spirit in our heart. This knowledge is very vast. You have to enter into the ocean of this knowledge and you’ll become that. You become the knowledge, you become the joy, you become the attention that you have to become. That’s what you are – you are fantastic.

Only thing, this has to be connected to the mains and the same way, you have to be connected to the mains – that’s all; You’re all ready for it. So, do not have any guilt about it. Know that you’re human-beings, specially created. Only thing you have to enter into the Kingdom of God – that’s all and your Mother Kundalini, your individual Mother Kundalini is just waiting there to take you down to take you up, I should say. After all, He is God Almighty Who’s your Father – He’s a Divine Father and how can He ask you to suffer? He’s the most loving Father, He’s love personified – how can He make you suffer? 

We suffer out of our ignorance – sorry. When the light comes in, you will see how gracious, kind and benevolent He is. Whether you believe in Him or not, He is. You have to just enter into His Kingdom to see. So, there is no need to deny Him or accept Him but see for yourself. 

May God bless you!

Now, I would request, like yesterday some people were not wanting to have Self-realization, I would request them that they should leave us in peace. It will hardly take 10-15 minutes for you to get realization but please don’t disturb us. If you want to go, you can go now and don’t disturb others. Better be a kind and civil to people who want to have their realization. The experience is very simple and you can really feel it, you don’t have to do anything about it. Sahaja yogis should not disturb. If you’re sahaja yogis, you be seated – doesn’t matter. You need not get up and walk off because no use disturbing people – it’s not proper also. – Let the sahaja yogis be seated wherever they are because these are new people and they easily, they get easily disturbed. So, one must keep the silence, please.

I had asked you to give Me questions and no questions have come through but even now, if you have some questions, you may pass them over to our center and I would like to answer them. After this realization I have to make a very great respect, respectful request to you, that you must have respect for your realization. You have to be profound and deep to understand everything but it gives you depth, suddenly you become deeper personality, immediately. Nothing is wanted out of you. If you are a human-being, you’ll get your realization. Maybe, some may not get today because they might be not yet tuned or maybe but doesn’t matter, you will always get it. Now, as I’ve told you, you have to have your shoes taken out because we have to take the help of the Mother Earth. I think, you send him away – would be better – go off to sleep. That’s better. Take him away because he will go off to sleep in no time – must be tired. All the children can go away now. Let it be. They are all realized souls. They should not be bothered much. They want to sit they can sit down but it’s time for them – it’s about 90’clock. Alright, so now, is very simple that I will tell you beforehand what is to be done – is to put left hand towards Me because is the desire that you have and the right hand you should use for action. I will show you only and you can see for yourself also. First your heart you have to touch where resides the Spirit.

Then everything works on the left hand side. You have to put your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen on the left hand side where there is the center of your mastery – is the Nabhi chakra. Then, you have to take your right hand and push it into the lower part of your abdomen on the left hand side where is the center of Swadishthana is, through which we work out the laws of the Divine. Then you have to raise your right hand again. At this point the Kundalini starts moving so you have to raise your hand again on the chakra which is the Nabhi chakra on the left hand side on the upper part of your abdomen on the left hand side. Now, again you have to bring your hand on to the heart chakra.

Now, here is the left Vishudhhi, which is caught up when we feel guilty – that’s a very bad state. Put the hand across like this – not from the back, it’s very bad. I tell you, it’s the worst chakra today. Yesterday… not to feel guilty at all. I request you not to feel guilty, not to feel guilty – please. Be pleasantly placed towards you.

You are the temple of God. Believe Me, you are the temple of God and turn your head to the right and hold it tight like that. Now, then you have to take your right hand put it on your forehead. Press it on both the sides. Now, you have to take your right hand. Put it back on your back Agnya, which is on the, we can say, on the optic lobe and push back your head like this. Now, you have to stretch your hand fully.

Stretch fully. Now, put the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area. Press it very hard and move it seven times. That’s all. But before we start today, we better give us ourselves a balance a little bit. Please put your left hand towards Me, like this for …

Now, what you have to do, your right side is too much working, so, we have to give a balance to ourselves. You put your right hand just like this and take it up on your head and put it on the side like that and throw it away. We’ll do it three times to begin with. Let us start.

On top of your head, on top of your head, nicely – push it down. Again, throw it down. Again, take it on top of of your head, nicely. Throw it down. Again – and throw it down. Now, it’s a balance.

Now, let us start with the left hand towards Me, like this – this is the desire, this is the action and close your eyes now. Please don’t open your eyes till I tell you. Slowly, like that, not at a stretch – just like this, just like this. It’s alright – anyway. You will stretch your hand too much, madam. Just put it like… very relaxed. You’ll be tired – yes, just in a comfortable way. – Alright, yeah. Now, put your right hand on your heart, please.

You may take out your spectacles because you have to keep your eyes shut all the time and it helps the eyesight also. Alright, now, close your eyes, please. Don’t open them till I tell you. Now, now on the heart you put your right hand and you have to say or you have to ask a question, a very fundamental question. You can call Me Shri Mataji or Mother – whatever suits you – “Mother, am I the Spirit?” ask the question three times. Three times, please.

This fundamental question is followed by another because if you are the Spirit, you are your master too. Now, so, you put your right hand now on the upper portion of your abdomen, without opening your eyes, on the left hand side. Now here, you have to ask the second question. This is the center of mastery, so you have to ask a question, another question, “Mother, am I my own master?” ask this question three times. Now, after asking this question, you have to take down your right hand in the lower part of your abdomen on the left hand side and here is the center of true knowledge, of Pure Knowledge. Here, we cannot force you to ask this question so, you have to ask yourself in all your freedom, which I respect. [Let it be, doesn’t matter. Leave her alone.] You have to ask the question, here, by saying or you have to ask or you have to ask for My help by saying, “Mother, may I have the Pure Knowledge.” Please ask the question six times. You have to ask for it, I cannot force you.

Now, raise your right hand – to the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side on your abdomen. Please don’t open your eyes, please don’t open your eyes. Alright, now here, as the Kundalini has started moving, you have to open this chakra, by saying with full confidence because this is the master’s chakra, “Mother, I am my own master.” Ten times, “Mother, I am my own master.”

Now, with full confidence, again you put your right hand on your heart, on your heart. Here now, with full confidence, you have to say again, “Mother, I am my own Spirit,” or you can say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Please say it twelve times, with full confidence – this is the greatest Truth. Twelve times.

Now, please raise your right hand on the left hand side of corner between you neck and your shoulder and press it hard and move your neck to the right side. Now here, with full confidence, again you have to say, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” Even after saying that, you want to feel guilty, you better punish yourself by saying 108 times. You have to be pleasantly placed towards yourself. Alright, that’s good!

Now, raise your right hand and put it to your forehead across. Now here you press it on both the sides and here you have to say, from your heart, not how many times, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Whether you forgive or not forgive, it’s a myth but if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands. So, just say, “Mother, I forgive everyone,” from your heart. Now, God or Divine is the ocean of forgiveness, – so, don’t feel guilty and please put your right hand now, on the back side of your head and hold it tight and push back your head. 

Now here again, without feeling guilty, you just say for your own satisfaction, “O Divine, if I have done any mistakes, please forgive me.” – for your own satisfaction. Now, take out your hand and stretch it please.

Stretch your palm and put the center of your palm on top of your head and press it hard. Now here, you have to move it seven times and you have to say – because I cannot force you – again here your freedom is respected. You have to say, “Mother, please give me my realization.” “Mother, please, may I have my realization.” Press it hard, press it hard the center part; Stretch your fingers. On your head, on your head.

Press it hard and move it slowly, clockwise.

Now, take down your hand, please.

Please open your eyes slowly.

Put both the hands towards Me.

Please open your eyes and watch Me without thinking.

Now, put your left hand on top of your head, left hand  and right hand towards Me little higher. Could be higher for some people.

Move it and see if there’s a cool breeze coming. Little higher, little.

Yeah, you can move it in all the directions. Got? Little lower, little lower – move it this way Move it. See now, if there’s a cool breeze coming in. – Concentrate here, little lower.

Good, that high! Good. Haan. Now, take – the left hand towards Me.

Don’t think – left hand towards Me. Now, feel the right hand on top of… same thing. Don’t get anxious, don’t get worried. It is going to work out. Little bit at the back. Here, here, on top.

Don’t be anxious, don’t doubt. Just take it little here – it’s here – not here – here.  Now, change it over again to the right hand towards Me and feel the left hand. Little behind, little behind, just move it. Don’t be anxious, don’t be anxious – not front – behind, backwards – haan. Now, put both the hands and ask a question, “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” “Is this the All-Pervading Power of love of God?” “Is this the Power called as Brahmashakti?”

“Is this the All-Pervading Power of Love of God?”

Now, bring down your hands, please.

Now, see for yourself, raise your hands, like this.

Those who have felt, the cool breeze out of their head or on their finger-tips, please raise your hands – both the hands. Raise your hands – both the hands.

I want to see. All of you, all of you have got it, all of you have got it, so rejoice now. You all must meet, it’s a collective happening – you all have to be and understand it. There is an invitation for all of you to come to the center and work it out collectively. Many people had to come to from Austria to help you, now you have to go to, Germans have to go to Austria to help them. And come to India too. 

May God bless you!

Don’t discuss, don’t talk much. Be in thoughtless awareness – there is where you will grow. 

May God bless you!

Such an experience!