Public Program

Los Angeles (United States)

1993-10-10 Public Program Los Angeles USA DP-RAW, 119'
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Public Program, Los Angeles (United States), October 10th, 1993

[Starts at 13:45]

Sahaja Yogi: You would try?
Shri Mataji: Doctor Wells for a while.
Sahaja Yogi: All right.
Shri Mataji: I am requesting doctor Wells to- not working?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes.
Shri Mataji: I am requesting him to say a few words about Sahaja Yoga because he has done a lot in the research and he is in charge of seven hospitals in London. I hope there re some doctors here so it would be interesting for the doctors to know the value of Sahaja Yoga from the medical point of view.

Sahaja Yogi: Doctor Wells is a clinical psychologist working in London.

Doctor Wells: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Actually, I am not a clinical psychologist, I am a psychiatrist. But I forgive my brother. It is not an unsusual mistake.
… Thank you Shri Mataji.

[Shri Mataji’s talk starts at 24:35]

I bow to all the Seekers of truth. The truth is that we cannot [problems in the mike] that you cannot change it. You cannot transform it and you cannot conceptualize it. Also, at this human awareness, you cannot know it. In the evolutionary process, we have come to this stage as human beings. But as we see the problems of the world, we realize that most of the problems are coming from human beings. And all these problems, if you analyse them, come from the problems of these centres which are within us, because these centres cater to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being.
Of course, in the medical science, it is not mentioned. But we have plexuses, and all these plexuses that we know of, on a physical level, are acted upon by these centres. But as you know, we believe in all specialization. So, these days, they say that if you have to have a doctor for this eye, you go to one doctor. And for the another eye, to another doctor. But this is the science of totality, of the whole, where you have to trigger an energy which is lying in the sacrum bone. Just imagine! It was called sacrum by the Greeks, meaning they knew it’s a sacred bone. Or why did they call it a sacred bone? This energy to pass through all these centres to integrate them to nourish them and to enlighten them, and ultimately to break through your fontanel bone area which we call as ‘talu’ to connect it to the All-pervading Power of Param Chaitanya. It is described as Ruha in Quran, it’s described as All-pervading Power of divine love, in Torah. Also, it is described in
the Bible as the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost, whatever you may call it.

The truth is that you are not this body, this mind, these conditionings, this ego. Because you say, “This is my ego, my conditioning, my body”. So, ‘my’ stands for which ‘I’? To whom does it belong? There must be someone. Now who runs your heart? If you ask a doctor, he’ll say ‘autonomous nervous system’. But who is the auto?
So, the first truth is that you are the pure Spirit, first. And the second truth is that there is an All-pervading Power of divine love, which does all the living work. We see these beautiful flowers, it’s a miracle by itself! If you see this human body- doctors must be knowing- many questions we cannot answer. For example, any foreign body which enters into the body is thrown away, it is the nature’s law. But when it’s the foetus, it is kept there till 9 months nicely looked after, nourished, and then at the right time, it is thrown away. How? There are many other things which I can talk to doctors, but at this moment, we have to understand that science is all right, but it cannot answer all the questions. First of all, it is amoral. Science is amoral and the second thing is that it cannot answer many questions. One of them is why are we on this Earth? I’m sorry, we are having very marathon programs. [Shri Mataji is coughing]

So, then we turn to religion, where is the answer? And then we see the chaos of the religion. In the name of God, what people are doing here? We can’t understand these people who are in charge of religion, how can they be so corrupt, so money oriented? And absolutely without any morals. Any religion, it’s no question of one religion or another religion. So, what we find basically, that all these religions are either they are power oriented or they are money oriented or both.

So, every intelligent man gets quite disillusioned and he doesn’t know what to do. What’s the use of following such a religion? It is absolutely a thing by which you become an atheist. But it is unscientific to be an atheist, when you have not found out there is God or not. If you see, you say that you are atheist, you have not been scientific. First, find out if there is God or not. If you find it, then you have to accept that there is God.

Now Sahaja Yoga is not today’s discovery. It has been there for ages in our country. As there are many Indians, I would say this is your heritage and ancient science. For example, we had three types of seekings, in India. India has been really blessed by many seekers because the climate of that country is such. In their seeking, some of them followed the way of finding about matter. So, they created Vedas. Another one was ‘bhakti’ because they could not answer question. So, why not we worship God in any form that we feel like? But the third one was in the centre where they talked of ‘atma sakshatkar’, Self-realisation.

Sitaji’s father, Raja Janaka, gave Realization to one gentleman called Nachiketa, after taking his test for days together. This system existed more in Maharashtra where the Nath Panthis used to give Realization. But the tradition ‘parampara’ was such that one Guru will give Realization to only one person. Till the time of Dnyaneshwara. His Guru was his own brother, Nivruttinath.

But Dnyaneshwara took the permission of his brother that, “At least, let me write about how this works out”. Even in Gita, there’s no mention of Kundalini. But he wrote Dnyaneshwari, which is, we can say, the explanation of Gita, in which in the sixth chapter, he wrote clearly about Kundalini. But people at the helm of affairs, who did not know how to awaken the Kundalini, or this power, said that this chapter is ‘nishiddha’ [prohibited], is not to be read. That’s how the whole thing went into oblivion and nobody even tried to find out about this Kundalini awakening. But after the writing of Dnyanadeva, there was streams of saints who came, who were Realized Souls.

You heard the “Jogawa” of Namadeva. Namdev was in the 16th century [XIII]. And what he says that, “Oh Mother, give me the yoga,” means the union, “with this divine Power”. In every village you go, in Maharashtra, they sing it, but they don’t know what it means. They are all asking for it, but they don’t know what it means. And we had many, in every part of India, every province, Realized souls. Namadeva went to Punjab where Guru Nanaka very much honoured him, and he wrote about Kundalini, about awakening, about Realization, in such a big book like that, in Punjabi language.

Of course, Nanaka Sahib did a great job by taking all the poems or poetry of all the saints who were Realized souls, and put them in Granth Sahib. But all their efforts failed. Kabira says, “Kaise samjhaun, sab jag andhaa?” [How to make them understand? The whole world is blind]. Also, when they started reading Granth Sahib, like Gita they read, they read Granth Sahib, they read, they think by reading. So Kabira has said, “Padhi padhi panditha moorakh bhaye” [Reading, reading, the learned became fools].
And in the sixth century Adi Shankaracharya has said, “Mother, remove this shabda jalam [web of words]. These webs of words take me away from you”. All these things were done; if you think I’ve done anything about it, it’s this, that I worked out a system, or you can say, the permutations and combinations of these chakras in such a way that a-mass Realization can be given.

A-mass Realization. It’s remarkable. First, of course, I started with one person. Then we had about 12 and now I don’t know, we have in thousands. Russia, especially, is a very sensitive country. Not only Russia, but all the Eastern Block. In all these countries, we have programs in the stadiums and never less than 16,000 people at least, never. America is very unfortunate that way. I don’t know about Indians in America. But the sensitivity to spirituality has been dampened by the so-call freedom we had. And the materialism, which made us everything gross, by this materialism our sensitivity to spirituality has been dampened. Otherwise, for an Indian, his ‘mokha, his atma sakshatkar’ was the highest goal, for anyone.

How it was done? They used to go to gurus, this, that. But so many false gurus have come up as soon as they realized that in this Kaliyuga, there are many seekers and that they can befool them, a market is there. So, they started marketing.

We have to use our common sense. Spirituality, you can achieve through evolution which is a living process, living process of your evolution. Now how much did we pay for our evolution? Now this Mother Earth gives us all these flowers. How much do we pay her? Nothing, because it’s a living process.

So, Sahaja Yoga means, ‘sa’ means with; ‘ja’ means born. It’s the right to achieve this union with the Divine. It’s your right. It’s a fundamental right, especially for Indians, I would say, because you are from the Yoga Bhoomi. We are from the Yoga Bhoomi. And this is your fundamental right to get your Realization. But it cannot be forced. You have to choose it. You have to ask for it. You have to have pure desire to get it. This is the power of pure desire which we call as Kundalini. She is your individual mother. She knows all about you. It is all recorded, taped as if, all about you, whatever you have done, whatever your desires are, it’s all being taped. And this mother of yours is anxious to give you your second birth. As in Sanskrit, you know, a Realized soul is called as ‘dvijaha’, born twice, and a bird is also called as ‘dvijaha’ meaning it’s an egg first, and then a bird it becomes. In the same way, we are first human beings and then we become enlightened souls.

What doctor Wells has told you is nothing compared to what can happen to you. Because it is your own power. It’s your own. And you are not aware how fantastic you are. You don’t know how many powers there are within you. That’s why we do not value it. For example, this instrument is made and is not connected to the mains: it has no identity, it has no meaning. It won’t work, unless and until we are connected to the mains.
We have no idea, we are not aware at all as to what we are, how fantastic we could be, what we can do to ourselves and to others. It is very important for all of us to get this Self-realization, otherwise, there will be only two status of people: those who are Self-realized others who are not. And as you see, the destructive forces are working in America of yours. How many diseases you have of which we had never heard before? Every time you come, you find a new disease coming out. All these destructive forces, only on physical level, then on mental level, and then on spiritual level.
So, on one side a man is getting destroyed from within. On the other side, from within, he is going to ascend and achieve eternal life.

As a result of this happening, what you get, first you start feeling on your fingertips this All-pervading Power. For the first time, you feel it. You have never felt this All-pervading Power before. For the first time, you start feeling it. And also you start feeling this coming out of your fontanel bone area, the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. You see, you feel it. It’s an experience it is not just a lecture or a sermon. But it’s an experience which you get. And once you get this experience, then you are amazed that you become absolutely peaceful within. People talk of peace, people get presents, and I’ve seen awards. I met them. There’s no peace within, how can they spread peace if there’s no peace within? So, this peace is achieved automatically within yourself. Secondly, you become a witness of the whole thing, like a drama. You’re not anymore involved into your problems, and so you can solve them better. You really become very compassionate as well as very dynamic.

Now my age is now going to be 71 years of age and I travel. Like this morning, I went for 3 and a half hours onto the mountains. And I came here directly after the function we had, and I I’m all right. What helps me is that, I am just a witness. I’m just watching. Like a drama, the whole thing is happening. Thirdly, you develop the sense of Self-knowledge, means you know your own chakras. You know all your chakras. For diagnosis, you don’t have to go to doctors or anybody, you immediately know that you have this chakra catching, this chakra. Even the children will tell you because you can feel them on your fingertips. 5, 6 and 7 and 5, 6 and 7, this one is for your left side, we can say, on the emotional side, and this one on the physical and the mental side. Immediately, you can feel it.

And as soon as you feel it, if you know how to correct it, it’s solved. How these problems can be corrected is very simple. If you know that, you are a master. You can cure anyone, because you also know the centres of others you can feel, you are aware. Marathi, they say ‘janiva’. And in Hindi the word is ‘bodha’. On your central nervous system, you can feel it. You can feel that and when you feel that, you know exactly: decoded. And even if you put 10 children and tie up their eyes, they say the same thing about a person.

One thing is, first when I came to America, I was shocked because they said, “If you don’t take any money, then it is hocus focus [deceit]”. And for 9 years, I didn’t come. Because I thought when people think money is the only way they can judge you, then they can never understand. So, all the gurus and all these people came, made big money, befooled people, given them all kinds of problems. I don’t mind if they wanted to make money after all, it’s going on everywhere. But they spoiled their kundalinis. They spoiled their ascend, which was very sinful, by mesmerizing. I don’t know what all they did.

As it is today, I must tell you that there are thousands and thousands of people who have already received their Realization. We are working in 55 nations. Also, in India, it is spreading like fire. Doctor has told you about uh the doctors who have done research. But I tell you, cancer has been cured with Sahaja Yoga, no doubt. Blood cancer has been cured of so many people who were told that you are going to die after 1 month. I mean, doctors are honest. They certified, “One month, you will die”. But they have survived and survived, some of them are 9 years, they are perfectly all right. All kinds of psychosomatic troubles have been cured with this. Now doctors should not worry that they lose their patients, they will not. Because how many people come to Sahaja Yoga? Just see now. How many there are? So, most of them will be left to the doctor’s lot. They shouldn’t worry about that one. Only those who are specially blessed by wisdom will come to Sahaja Yoga.

And thus, those people who are seeking the truth will be blessed, and they will get the benefit of this. But one has to have basic wisdom. Sahaja Yoga is not meant for idiots and stupid people. I mean, you see, there are so many idiotic people in this world, such a great percentage, that we are surprised that how there are also so many destructive and horrible people. or what you call as the Qyama, in the Quran, is now.

And every type of souls are taking birth. Some of them are cruel. Some are like animals. Some are absolutely hopeless cases. Nothing can work out with them. But also, there are many, many seekers of truth and they achieve it – many!

In Nala-Damayantri kahan [story], it is written that Damayanti was separated from Nala. And one day, Nala got hold of this Kali. And he said, Now I’m going to kill you because you are such a person who puts people into ‘bhranti’ [illusion]. So, I’m going to kill you. He said, All right, you can kill me. But first, understand my ‘mahatme’, know what my importance is. My importance is that when Kaliyuga will come, all these people who are seeking me in the valleys and in the mountains, [Hindi], they will all be reborn and they will get their Realization. So, Nala said, “Then no, I will not kill you”. And this is what Kaliyuga is, it’s the ‘ghor Kaliyuga’. Because I told you all kinds of souls are taking birth, ‘ghor Kaliyuga’. And in this ‘ghor Kaliyuga’, this is going to work out.

I’m happy today I’m meeting so many of you here. Somehow or other, I feel this year it is reaching the message to the Indians quite a lot. Also in New York, I was surprised how they felt they should take to Sahaja Yoga.

So, I have to tell you that it will take hardly 10 minutes for you to get your Realization, not more than that. But those who do not want I cannot force on you. All such people should leave the hall. It’s hardly 10 minutes, it will take. But after, like sprouting the seed, you have to look after it, at the most for a month. And you become masters. You will become masters of this art and you can do a lot. There are so many miracles of Sahaja Yoga, not only on physical level, otherwise also, on material level, financial level, all kinds that I asked Phil Ward, who was playing on the harmonium, to compile them. Because so many letters coming to me. And within one month, he told me that, ‘It has piled about to my head now. How am I to select?” I said, “Forget it”.
Because you’re are fantastic.

Supposing you take one television set in a remote village, where they have not seen electricity, and tell them you can see here lots of films and things. They’ll say, “What is this box? ” You see.
We also think we are all just boxes. No! Once you are put to the mains, you’ll see, because it is built in within you. It is just built in. Please understand that nothing is to be built anymore. It is already there, very well planned, in the center, as shown, is there. Only once the awakening takes place, you will feel this All-pervading Power. And all of you are going to get it, I assure you. You all are going to get it just now. But again, I would say, those who want to go, please go away. And also, I know you all have lots of questions. So many questions are there and for the last 25 years, I’ve been doing nothing but answering questions. I’m quite an expert. But still, I would say it’s a mental acrobat. We have to go beyond mind because mental projection is limited you know that.

Even then, if you have questions, you can write to me, I’ll answer them. But not important at this moment. Only have faith and self-confidence that you will all get your Realization. It’s very simple and will work out.

I’m sorry for this really Indian style program we had today. It was arranged at a very late stage and we had already this big seminar there, and then we rushed through and lost our way also. I don’t know what happened. And then, we reached here. But still it has worked out. We have to have some patience with ourselves also. And also respect of our Self-realization. People get their Self-realization all right, and then they feel very happy, “Oh, I’m very happy. I’m the seventh heaven this. I do it at home”. It’s not going to work out now. It’s a collective happening, it’s a collective organism which works. For example, if a nail is cut out, it will never grow. We have centres here. Of course, we don’t take any money. So, we don’t have Taj mahals and things to do the worship. It’s simple. And if you people take some trouble for some time, you can yourself master it.

You see, here, today, they were singing Indian songs so clearly. They have composed it. They have put the tune to it, and they sing it so clearly. Even in Sanskrit, you see, they sing the song which Adi Shankaracharya has written, which we cannot sing clearly. Some change has taken place, you can see.

We have here people from all over the world today, you’ll be surprised. Even from Australia, we have from Iran, from every place we have. And it is very surprisingly how they relate to each other, how they love each other, how they help each other. They go to any country, they have their brothers and sisters there. And there is no problem of lust and greet. It’s not like this, somebody’s wife runs away with some- never, never, never, these things never come. Their eyes have become so innocent and so simple that there is no lust and greed.
My husband used to always say that I am an ‘awliya’ myself. “But I can’t make others”, always used to say. Now he has seen. So, he said, “I give up. I am an honest man. I must accept that this is something really, you have made them into angels”. That’s a fact, we have people here from Japan, from Singapore, from all over, but if you see them, there’s such ‘bhaichara’ as they say,
No competition, no jealousies, nothing, pure relationship. It’s the purity because they have become absolutely pure, ‘khalis’. We have established the Khalistan, because we are khalis. This is what Kanak sahib has said that, Become “khalis”. Whatever they have said has gone to waste now, all being twisted, I don’t know, just for money and for power.

We have lots of Muslims, some are here. Yesterday, I had programs with Muslims and Jews. There were quite a lot of people again. They are all taking to it now, and understanding that there’s something missing, the way we are being destroyed. And we too also, as Indians have to know, that this is our heritage.

Medical Science has come from Western life. These, this is the science of the roots, our roots! It takes no time to know it ,and to understand. I also did my medicine and I used to wonder, “How will I be able to talk to doctors? ” And the psychiatrist and psychologist have vanished, because they see the proof, it is tangible. We can scientifically prove that it is so. You can see with your naked eyes in some people, the rising of the power, but in very few, where there is some obstruction. Normally, it works like a jet. So, now I think you are all ready to have your socialization and we’ll work it out.

[Self-realisation introduction]
Just one thing we have to do is to take out our shoes because this Mother Earth helps us a lot to take our problems to absorb them. Just take them out and you’ll feel very comfortable also.

Now Dr Wells will tell you how to nourish your own centres which will be doing only tonight, that’s all. But there are three conditions. The first one is that you have to be absolutely self-confident that you will all get your Self-realization tonight. You should be absolutely self-confident, that means you forget your past, that means that in no way, to condemn yourself. You should be pleasantly placed towards yourself because you are human being which is at the epitome of evolution. And it will take hardly a little journey; at the most from 3 to 4 feet, that’s all.

The second condition follows that you should have no guilt at all. Indians don’t have so much as the Westerners have. I don’t know why, they feel guilty for everything, you know. If they put the spoon on this side, and this on that side, they feel guilty. Indians that way are better but I don’t know. Maybe you might have imbibed some of the qualities of the Americans. [Laughter]
If you have done any mistake, all right, face it and finish it off. But what’s the use of feeling guilty and thinking have done this wrong? I know of some people who go on thinking about small things like spilling a coffee. All their lives they think, “We spill the coffee”. [Laughter]
So, nothing is so serious. And this All-pervading Power is the ocean of forgiveness. And whatever wrong you have done can be easily dissolved by that ocean. So, now don’t think that you are guilty by any chance.

But physically, from science point of view, it is different. But from Sahaja Yoga point of view, if you feel guilty you get the center on the left-hand side of the Vishuddhi in a jeopardy, in trouble. And once you get this center caught up, you might get spondylitis. You might get angina. Angina is because of that, angina.

Thirdly, you might get lethargic organs. It’s a very serious thing. So, why to have those serious things in ourselves by feeling guilty? As the men are women also feel guilty for something very, very trivial. But what a serious thing that happens! So, please don’t feel guilty at all, not at all, about anything.
Especially at this moment, when the Kundalini is rising, and you are- this center is catching. Then it won’t go through this centre.

Nowadays also, people think that if they starve themselves, or if they stand on their heads, or maybe go to Himalayas, they will get Realization. No. God is your father. He is ocean of compassion, why would he like you to suffer? Think of any father who makes his child suffer? So, also, this idea of fasting and all this this suffering is all absurd. Some people talk of karmas. When this center opens, on the optic chiasma, like this, all your karmas are sucked in.
Doctor can show them, on the yellow side.
These are all your karmas your ego. And the left-side are your conditionings. They are all sucked in. So, you become ‘akarmis’ |[without any karma].
Only the human beings think that they have done karmas. The dogs and the tigers don’t think, because they are ‘pashu’, they are in the ‘pash’ [control] of God, so they don’t think. We have freedom. So, we think we have done this wrong, that wrong, or our ego sometimes, “I am this, I am that”. All that is sucked in by the Kundalini. I’m just removing some of your thoughts which are there. So, please don’t try in any way to condemn yourself or judge yourself. Let the Kundalini judge, she knows.
And as the mother that you had gave you birth, taking all the trouble upon herself, this Kundalini doesn’t trouble you at all. She very delicately, beautifully, rises and pierces through this fontanel bone area. And you get the actualization of your baptism, or your state of second birth. Actualization, again.

In Sahaja Yoga, we don’t have to say, “Don’t do something”, as doctor has told you. You just automatically become that. Automatically, you become righteous. Nothing is to be said, “Don’t do”. Nothing, it just happens. For this, I have to give you a very simple example. If you have a snake in your hand, say, I’m holding a snake and I’m an obstinate person. There is darkness. Somebody says, “This is a snake”. I’ll say, “No, it is a rope”. Till the snake bites me, I’ll say, “It’s a rope”. But if there is little light, I’ll just throw it away myself. Nobody has to tell me anything. In this way, it happens.
So, please have no guilt.

And the third condition is even simple. It’s to forgive everyone, in general, without thinking of the people whom you have to forgive. Now here, people will say, “It’s very difficult”. Many people say. Logically, whether you forgive or don’t forgive, what do you do? It’s a myth. You don’t do anything, it’s a myth. But if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands. Those who try to trouble you are happy, but you are torturing yourself. But at this moment, especially, the center of Agnya, which is like this, like a cross, is absolutely constricted. If you don’t forgive, it will never open. Just to feel that, “I forgive everyone” without thinking about them, it opens. And then the Kundalini will rise. As it is, you have tortured yourself by not forgiving. And now, at this moment, please, don’t miss the point. Just you have to say, “I forgive everyone”, without even thinking about them, in general.
I hope I have been able to convince you logically what is important. These are the only three simple conditions. And now, we’ll show you how we will nourish our centres, on the left-hand side. And then you have to close your eyes, and again we have to do the same thing, which is very simple. Again I say, it’s nothing difficult.

[Self-realisation process]

So, please, understand there are two powers, left and right, so both the feet should apart from each other. And left hand should be comfortably placed on your lap. You have to sit comfortably. I told you, you don’t have to go to Himalayas, here on your seat, you’ll get your Realisation.