Puja Talk, God is Satchitanand (Marathi talk not on the video)

Ganapatipule (India)

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Puja Talk, India Tour. Ganapatipule (India), 6 January 1988.

It is said that God is Satchitanand. He is truth, He is attention and He is joy. In Sahaja Yoga, first you have discovered the truth. Discover the truth on your fingertips. The truth that you can discover on your central nervous system is the truth. First you discover the truth and you can tell about it, talk about, explain about it but you cannot give it to others unless and until the other person gets Realization. So the truth has to be tested. One has to test on the fingertips the existence of truth. Otherwise all kinds of descriptions are of no weight. No one can understand what you are talking about when you tell them that you can feel the all pervading power of Gods’ love around you. And then you start experiencing your attention. You start feeling that there is somebody, some force, some power, some organization is looking after you. Gradually you find your own attention becomes active.

Today I am happy to say that I can tell you all these things openly, so clearly. But can you believe that 20 years back even in India nobody could talk about it because something Agamya, not to be known, not to be understood because your attention has become enlightened. With your enlightened attention you are listening to Me that’s why you are understand what I am saying. You attention itself has become active now and it baffles you sometimes when you see how many powers you have go. So through your Kundalini awakening your attention has got a subtler dimension which gives you an active attention. Before this you use to play into the hands of your attention. Anything happen you would turn your head with that, anything that would be called as some sort of an event or something attractive you would be putting your attention to that. Your attention would go to things which were controlling you as if, as if they were in charge of you. But after getting Realization your attention itself is under your own power and which acts.

First in India we had a foreign rule so we had to act according to the wish of the foreign rulers. So we thought it is better to have independence, to have our own rulers. So we achieved the freedom politically we have our own rulers who will rule us according to our own wish and we won’t be enslaved by others’ wishes. But this is not freedom at all because your attention is still in bondage. It has got the shackles of all kinds of nonsensical things upon it. It shifts all the time to wrong things. But after Realization attention becomes Nirmal, free, Samarthiya, powerful it acts because it is completely free now. Unless and until you are completely free you cannot act. This is the greatest blessing of Sahaja Yoga that your attention has become so free. It acts the way you wanted to act and it communicates. It communicates to you. The real communication starts.

One day a gentleman who are given, whom I have given Realization for the first time, he got Realization, he was the first one to get it. And he went into his congregation where he felt that there is somebody else who is a Realized soul. So he looked around and he saw a lady sitting there who had Realization. He came and asked Me, Mother did you give Realization to such and such lady. I said I did. So this communication between the reality and yourself is established. Your attention because in the attention now there is freedom to know. But in the attention now we have to see that there are so many other things, which have clouded the awareness of the attention. This cloudedness comes with our conditioning and our ego. And this conditioning can be very, very strong. I would say in India, we are over conditioned people because we are traditionally made. And we do not see what is good in tradition and what is bad in tradition. Whatever good we have to keep and whatever bad we have to throw away. Whatever is the tradition is the best is absolutely a wrong idea.

So such an attention which is so much bogged or you can say completely covered with conditioning can not communicate with reality. Though reality is anxious to communicate and to say or to inform whatever is desireless of the Divine but, as we are so much loaded with our conditioning that it can not communicate. You are frightened of the society, you are frightened of the surroundings, frightened of our relations, who are no more our relations at all, nothing to do with because they have no communication with the reality. We are the ones who have got now communication with reality. Then the ego part, our futuristic ideas we want to develop this, we want to do that we want to achieve this, that also comes in our attention and puts it into the shackles of our ego which are even worse I would say. Atleast the first one (Shri Mataji is talking in Indian language for a minute or two). Some children have beautiful attention. Some don’t have. I would not always blame the parents but of course partly you are responsible. At this stage if their attention is not good, at what age they are going to improve? Parents pamper them, spoil them then the children cant’ have good attention.

Those who are half hearted Sahaja Yogis are still sitting on the edges. And can be anytime brought into the sea of illusion. You have to be perfect Sahaja Yogis. Some people find it easy, escape it by saying such and such person is much better than me. And they do sit back and saying that oh, I am not good. So you better get out. Here the Divine needs the people who will do the job of the Divine. But even if you ask them to get out they still stick on and stick on and stick on. It’s not going to help them because they think it is useful, may be some of them think that they can have some material advantage. Some of them think they can get some presents in Ganapatipulle, very low grade understanding. So such people are bothering us and are good for nothing.

The first and foremost thing is you clear your heart. I have seen that the relationships is the greatest curse on Indians. And the second is the caste system. I know of a lady who is absolutely no good for Sahaja Yog but her sisters are supporting her. I know all that and as a result they are losing themselves in Sahaja Yoga and the brother in law has become suddenly hot tempered. But if I tell them they won’t listen till they are completely finished all of them this lady will stick on. Unless and until this lady clears her heart she should not come to Sahaja Yoga and oblige all the relations. This kind of low graded understanding of Sahaja Yoga will lead you no where and how many of you are going to drop out I don’t know. You wouldn’t even know when you are catching and what’s happening if you keep to these relationships.

Another, is another myth of a caste system in this country, which is the greatest cancer, you could think of, for such a Divine country like this. It’s the greatest curse but in the West we have another curses though you have got rid of all these past thing you have modern curses. And the modern curses are even worse in a way because they are not troublesome at all. On the contrary they show as if you are on top of the world that you are very successful. In the modern curses the thing is the attitude what’s wrong. They linger on this idea to great extent, what’s wrong. You have to be selfish about it. You have to think about yourself and not about others and about your society, about your development, you’re so-called industrial revolution. It has already cursed you. Industrial revolution has already cursed you. You are eating the food from tins. You are having hybrid animals to give you milk, tomorrow you will have mothers who are hybrid. You are having divorces, you are having drugs, all kinds of things that are curse on human beings are worked out through this modern conditioning in you. To make this attention clean should be the only effort of a Sahaja Yogi. Sahaja Yogi is not a pass time, for many it’s is just a pass time. Their jobs, their businesses most important. Sahaja Yoga is just a pass time. They are all right for a time being. How long will this go on I can’t say. So clear your attention first then everything is going to work out. But see that in your attention you pay importance to things, which are no important at all. In this respect I would say you have to be very individual, to know that your attention has to be clean. Where is my attention going?

Clubbing is the worst curse that clubbing we have in Western Countries. They will by club under any name. Suppose there is a red hair they will form a red hair league. In that way I would say people are least individualistic. Whatever they may say that they are democratic I would say they are least individualistic. If a lady starts a kind of a hairstyle all the ladies do the same, just like donkeys. If the men do not put oil in their hair all the men will not put oil in theirs’. I don’t know what looks nice with out the disable hair I don’t understand. That’s the fashion now, nobody will put any oil in their hair. Even if you can wash it off they will not put. This is such a simple thing that to Me oil for your hair, but all these modern ideas are anti life. They are teaching you something, which will make you bald. Sometimes you lose your ears or nose or whatever it is. To put that in the ears all the time and listen to that music all the time and going on the streets, on those streets I mean it’s really madness I think, stupidity, absolutely. But regarded as something very modern.

It’s all anti life activities going on. Putting color on the hair, red, yellow, green, wearing no clothes when it’s so very cold, sitting in the sun burning your skin, to behave indecently, decorously, that is to be modern. What’s wrong, nothing is wrong, just to go to hell, that’s all. In that means nothing, take two running jumps and go there but be in Sahaja Yoga. Now the attention has to be cleared in a way we meditate within ourselves and go within your self, see yourself what you are, how beautiful you are, how glorious you are, how subtle you are. But in stupid things they are individualistic, like this is my carpet and this is my house, this is my furniture and they control others with that. It is not the furniture, don’t sit on that chair. Don’t spoil my carpet. When you will die you won’t be buried with the carpet even. Like in Egypt Pharaohs buried with all their things you see. It is not possible these days because you don’t have so much place to bury. You are sticking on to nonsensical things and the important things not paying attention is an absolutely abuse of your attention and this has been achieved through your so called modern idea of individualism. There is no integration of understanding and the whole thing is breaking into pieces. Between these two horrible experiences I have there to start Sahaja Yoga, collecting all their individualism, how, with very intense love, with very intense effort and a complete commitment that I am going to save this world. It has worked so well now I can see you all get into the third stage of joy. And the joy is what I want you to have and not self-destruction or stupid conditioning pressures.

Joy and joy has no double meaning it’s absolute. You reach to that subtlety, you start enjoying that tasting of joy, not vibration but joy, beyond your central nervous system where it can not be expressed in words. It expresses in your eyes, in your faces, in the atmosphere, in the nature, everywhere to see the whole thing is blossoming around. This is what you all have to achieve and for that we have to know that we are not going to bow down to anything that puts our attention into shackles. Mother has freed us, let us spread our wings. We are not little, small little birdies but now we have become birds and let us spread our wings and fly in the sky of joy. There is no need for birds to fly. It can sit at a place, of course, they cannot hire a bus, but they need not, they spread their wings and fly because they enjoy, like swimming in the sky of joy, use the beauty of this joyous happening to nourish yourself, be happy, make everyone happy and emancipate this world from ignorance.

May God bless you!