Advaitha… means ‘one personality’… completely integrated (1983-0204); This is Advaitha… where you become ‘one’ – all the religions teach Advaitha… means… ‘where there is not the other’… Anand… you become ‘one’ with that… with the whole ocean. A drop becomes the ocean… all the powers of the ocean are there for the drop… that’s what it is. There are some who say… ‘we believe in Dvaitha’… why… ‘we don’t want to get lost’… I mean… you are not lost… you become the whole… but they want to keep that small limitation you see… and what is that small limitation they want to keep… it’s called as Mr e-g-o… which is a myth (1980-0721)

All the Incarnations who came, were part of the Sahastrara, part of the Brahmachaitanya, of the Adi Shakti, and when they came, they gave Realisation to some very good people, who then got dissolved in the ocean of love, and were then lost into that. Just as the drop dissolves in the ocean, so they took to Mona, to silence… they disappeared (1987-0503.1); Kabir… said “when the drop becomes the ocean, what can you say, you are lost, you are no more there, you are finished” (1987-0408)

The drop… Has to become the Ocean (1989-0611); When the drop becomes the Ocean, then it doesn’t think it is a drop… it thinks it is a part of the Ocean. In the same way, once you grow up, you become very collective; Like a painter has a brush and is nicely painting – it’s the painter that’s painting. But if the brush starts thinking “I” am the one who is painting, it’s stupidity (1998-0706)

We are all collective… we have to know everything among each other… and we have to live like one family, all over the world. Once you develop that kind of a love for everyone, then you will be surprised, you have become a great personality – that means… the drop becomes the ocean (1996-0716)

When working or when we are doing any action, we should develop the witness state, and indulge into work in thoughtless awareness, saying ‘I am not doing it’ (1980-0517.2); Separate yourself from yourself… become the Spirit… identify with the Spirit… and tell off the ego-self. Address yourself, your ego-self, as though you are Mataji talking, and tell yourself off; Know that your ‘drop’ (i.e. ‘you’) has fallen into the ocean, and thus has become the ocean – but don’t forget the first step (i.e. the drop falling into the ocean) (1980-0517.2); When the attention goes to the Spirit, then you become Gunatit, beyond the gunas, Kalatit, beyond time, and Dharmatit, beyond dharma, and then you become like the ‘drop’ in the ocean (1998-0321)

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