The Hamsa chakra, which is part of the Vishuddhi, is represented by Canada (1990-0811.2), and is situated between the eyebrows, and has qualities of discretion and discrimination (MME); Also called the Lambica chakra (1979-0000.1); The Hamsa is made of two types of discretion… where to see ‘I am’ and where to see ‘you are’… and for every human being, the ‘you’ is the Divine (1988-0710); In everything you will find there are two sides… which way you move is your discretion (1988-0710); Hamsa means Pranava… or discrimination you can say (1979-1202.4)

At Hamsa, both the Ida and Pingala nadis, the Tha and Ha of Hatha Yoga, come together and cross over, below the Agnya. It is the wedding place between your left and your right, the left being the woman, the right being the man – they must be in balance, being equal, though not similar (1980-0517.2)

With the Hamsa… if the problem is from the left side, then this may be corrected by keeping the eyes focused on the ground, or by using Ida Nadi Swamini, or Mahakali mantras, or the Surya mantra (1980-0517.2); Problems can include shooting headaches on one side, or sinus problems, and may result from being overloaded with decision making. Avoid eating anything that is sharp or sour (MME); Also may result from dry conditions in home or workplace, and can be corrected by the use of ghee or oil in the nose – just one drop in each nostril, morning and evening (1984-1005; 1987-0408); All extreme behaviour from left and right creates problems of Hamsa… like if you eat… anything fried… after taking anything fried… you should not take water… or after eating fruit… you should not take water – you can take a biscuit… or bread… something like that to dry up your… throat, and then… you can take water (0.0011); The Hamsa chakra is a very material thing… and has to be worked on, on a material level only… and is where you get troubles like sinus, colds and coughs, and all that… and can result from the drying up of the nose… because of the use of central heating (0.0011)

What do you say about him… he has got a Hamsa chakra… tell him to put his attention here at the top of the head… he has sinus troubles… no… then Pranayama he must have done… sinus… then Hamsa is the one that is catching… just at the Hamsa… the Kundalini has gone… now put your finger on the Hamsa… in between the eyebrows (1984-0622)

One of the symptoms of Aids is a bad Hamsa. It is important to put ghee in the nose to correct a bad Hamsa, otherwise, there will remain a susceptibility to Aids (1987-0503.1)

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