Reddening of Eyes


Reddening of the Eyes

Krodh, which starts from the liver but is expressed through the Vishuddhi… the face becomes red, the eyes become red, and from the mouth all kinds of horrible things are said. The whole expression is so different, when you are angry. So this anger is to be seen… where it is – the liver; To master it you have to face yourself clearly. Krodh is the worst enemy, according to Shri Krishna (1991-0001)

Some people have a habit of keeping the eyes in an angle all the time… they never see you straight… they think sometimes it’s fashionable… and some of them have such eyes that they’ll go on looking and pouring their greedy eyes onto others, or their lusty eyes onto others… this is the worst thing you can do to your eyes… because such people easily can become blind. Such people may have trouble of the eyes… specially reddening of the eyes can come to such people very much (1986-0823)

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