Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (India)


Talk to Yogis (English/Hindi)

[English transcript]

I will be giving you the information about Kundalini. At the same time, the Kundalini would be rising. You won’t feel the rising of the Kundalini. So please put your hands like this. The hands are asking for realization, so in the hands, there should be a feeling, I mean you must ask, the hands should be placed in such a manner that you are asking- Straight like this not like that and on your laps. 

[Hindi translation]

Keep hands towards me. Humans should ponder, why has Paramatma made us? Is there a purpose for our life or God has made us just like that from amoeba to human? After taking so much trouble for so many yugas, after passing through so many vagaries, Paramatma has made a beautiful handiwork of human beings, He must have done this for some reason. Maybe he (human) has not reached that state where he can know this- why has this handiwork been made? Maybe he has not understood why he has been created. But there definitely must be some or other reason why humans have been made from amoeba. If there is a reason, it is absolutely necessary for the human to find it out. When he cannot find it out, cannot know it,  it is quite natural for him to be upset. It is natural that he is worried, upset and nervous. He does not know what is causing this nervousness. Why is he so busy and moving about with anger? Sahaja Yoga is the answer to this question. 

Sahaja- Saha means with you, ja means born. The right which was born with you to entitle you to yoga, to become one with Paramatma, that is called Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga was there when he was primitive and when he was an amoeba. And when he became four-legged it was there, when he became two-legged it was there, when he became human then also it was there. The purpose of today’s Sahaja Yoga is to show the human, the meaning of his life, the ultimate goal. 

Research has been carried out in India from time immemorial by the sages and they found out many things which are inside us through meditation. In the time of Parashuram (sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu), when he was born, people tried to find an answer in the jungles. Keeping away from the world, observing gross celibacy, hiding in a small cave, they have done penance for many years. And after that, they found the subtle, hidden secrets inside the human. From their finding, very few people could benefit. Because this job was very subtle and doing this being in society was difficult. These people had described these subtle things in many ways in the scriptures and books. But in kali yuga, in these modern times, now the time has come which we can call the spring. Like on a tree in the beginning only a few flowers bloom, only a few fruits are present. This keeps happening for many years. When the spring arrives subsequently many flowers bloom, and many flowers bloom and suddenly they turn into fruits. Easily their fruition happens. How it happens, why it happens nobody knows. Today they are all flowers and tomorrow they will turn into fruits. Today in the same way in this kali yuga, spring has arrived. And your right to know who you are, what does your existence mean and why you have come into this world. Know this thing. This is your own wealth.

Like a lamp is fully readied, oil is poured in it and the wick is placed and during the festival day of Diwali, they are placed in one line. Then with one lighted lamp, you can light many lamps. In the same way, Sahaja Yoga is an extremely simple, natural method. And human should not wonder why it is so simple. In matters of religion, human always thinks in the opposite way. Earlier if you had to go to Kasi  you had to walk for three to four months. But today if you have to go to Kasi, you are here in the morning and by evening you can reach Kasi. Why does not a human think, we hear, we have to gather a lot of articles, we have to do tough penance, only then we may reach. If in the matter of Sahaja Yoga also if some special arrangement has been made, why should there be so much discussion. If you are going to get something important and if you are going to definitely benefit from it, why should you doubt it so much? And also you should doubt only in cases where there is some give and take. Or if something is demanded. Or if someone is saying for this you have to do a three-year course, you have to come every day,  you have to give this much fee, or you have to die of hunger. Or if we ask you to stand on your head. We don’t say all these things. Then why should doubt and think- how can this happen? It can happen. In this hall, there are at least 50% of people who have experienced this. And it should happen to you also. But human’s thinking goes along these lines. Now, in reality, is such an arrangement present inside us? Is there such a germ inside us, like it is present in all seeds and as a result of which you get your rebirth. 

Gyaneshwar, Janak, Nanak, Kabir Das Ji, Yog Vashist, Markandeya Ji, and above all Adi Shankaracharya Ji, have described many times about Kundalini. If you read Devi Mahatmyam or Devi Sahasranam, in the description it is written about where all She is present, on what chakras She is present, through which path She raises, etc. We have become English and for us, this appears Greek and Latin to us and we don’t know anything about our own things. Some mantras are being recited in the house, we listen and we give ten or fifteen rupees to the pandit and that is the end of it. He has recited the mantras and gone and the puja is over, all the ceremony is over and we have pleased Devi. Because of this thought process, we do not identify with any of our religion’s thoughts. In the western countries where people have progressed a lot, they have earned a lot of power and fortune, who have collections of all types of gadgets, whatever they could amass on the material front, they have done it. Now they turn back and say, the joy we were looking for, where have we lost it? We have not obtained that joy. Let us leave aside all these- material things, what for- there is no joy. This is some maze. We are lost in this, this is some illusion, let us leave it. Their children have left it. They have given their homes and all  they are wearing the clothes of sanyasis and have started consuming ganja-marijuana. Is this proper? You notice thousands loiter here, they are all sadhus. They are seeking Paramatma. They also consume ganja and think that in that process they can reach God. 

In such times Sahaja Yoga became available. You have to seek it inside not outside. Many times reputed poets have said Nanak was the incarnation of Raja Janak and Nanak said,’ kahe re vana khojan jayi, sada nivasi sada alepa tohe sang samaye’, he is saying it is all built-in you, why are you going out. Inside you it is in Atma Swaroop, why are you looking for it outside? What is that thing? Who is it? How is it? I will tell you all about it. Sahaja Yogis should not come late. People’s attention gets disturbed. Sir, You look here, have you not seen women? Put your attention here for a minute. I am telling you to seek yourself. It is a matter of taking your attention to you. If you take your attention here and there, how can I pull your attention inwards? Put your attention here for some time. Be calm, because this is very subtle.  This is extremely subtle and attained with absolute devotion. 

Inside our body there is an arrangement called an autonomous nervous system- we call it a self-propelled system. This system is present in three ways. Doctors know it by the names of the right and left sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system. According to Sahaja Yoga Shastra, all these three systems are made of matter, appearing outside as gross. The driving system for these is located in the spine as I am showing here by means of these three lines. You see it here. These are the three nadis. Among these, one is called Ida, the other is called Pingla and the central one is called Sushumna. These three nadis are present or not, whether these are inside our body are not, whether these are active in the subtle form are not, because you can see the sympathetic and parasympathetic. These subtle nadis you can’t see. They can only manifest in Sahaja Yoga. But to see anything subtle, first, you have to become subtle. This is indisputable. Without becoming subtle how will you see, know a subtle thing? Even then you have eyes and you are at the human level, I can show you the pulsation of Kundalini. You can see the movement of Kundalini. You can see the rising of Kundalini if you are a human whether you are realised or not. In our body the subtle system which is made in us, these three powers dwell in us. The power which is on the right side and crosses over to the left side is called Mahakali Shakti. Now you will find this name strange, how is Shri Mataji calling it Mahakali. The English could not discover it, how can I tell the English name? This is the Mahakali power because of which the whole world exists. This is responsible for the rhythm in the world, an apocalypse happens.  Like we are alive because of our heart, when the heart stops we can die. This Shakti nourishes your heart. Its name is Mahakali Shakti. It is our emotional side which the English call Psyche. This is activated by the left side sympathetic nervous system. Doctors will not agree with this. They do not know the difference between the right and the left. Even the doctor and psychologist don’t agree with each other. I do not have any quarrel with them. But they have their differences. The psychologist will not be able to convince the doctor and the doctor will not be able to convince the psychologist. A human is psychology, psyche and the body, and the emotion and the mind also. He is everything. Sahaja Yoga looks at the human as complete and analyses, it does not analyse each differently as done in science. But on every aspect of science, it fits in properly. The nadi on the left-hand side, we call it Mahakali Shakti. The position of a human is governed by this power. The position of the entire world is also governed by this power. If this position is not present if this power is not present, his position can’t be made, he can’t exist, the whole world can’t exist. But you take it that it is the emotional side of Paramatma. It is not active, it is a state. When it is activated in us, whatever is dead, whatever thoughts come, rise and perish, whatever past is there it is operated by this. It keeps storing it. All the conditioning in us is stored by this, recorded by this. We consider this as Mahakali Shakti. 

And the other power which passes through the left and comes to the right, we call that Mahasaraswati shakti. All our work gets done through Mahasaraswati shakti. Creation, thinking, movement of limbs and whatever work we do for the future and whatever planning we do, whatever thinking we do for the future, all that happens with the right-hand side power which we call Mahasaraswati shakti. The power which is in the center is called Mahalaxmi shakti. Our growth happens because of this power. Our evolution takes place and today we have become human from amoeba only because of this power. The present-day human form is also because of this power. The power establishes its particular dharm-attribute in each material. When I say, do not be upset. Dharm means its innate nature. Like the nature of gold, it doesn’t get spoiled. It is untarnishable. Carbon has a valency of four. Every molecule and atom has its nature. A scorpion is like a scorpion. A snake is like a snake. Likewise human behaves like a human. Human  dharma is also established by this power. Only because his dharma is established he has reached his present state. There are different qualities of humans that keep coming and going and when the ten dharmas are established in him, he get created.  Because of this Mahalaxmi Shakti, he can reach his mandated destination – evolutionary power. This is your today’s present, what you are now, that power. In this manner, all the three times past, future and present exist inside you at this very moment. This way the three powers exist in a human and only because of these three powers he has reached his present state.

Now as we know this mike is made or any other machine is made, we do not understand its use till we take out the coil from inside and connect to the mains, its use is not evident. In the same way, until the human is connected to the mains, till such time there can be no purpose for his existence. After that there is only one purpose for this, mike, my voice has to flow through this, it becomes a hollow thing. This instrument has been made so that it can carry my voice. Later we realise that we also become a hollow thing and through us, that power is transmitted from inside us and starts flowing. Inside this becomes Chaitanya ki Lahren-waves of enlightenment and flow through our hands, which we believe is the all-pervading power of the divine and that is the power of love which is flowing beyond these three powers, taking with it all the powers and flowing as one; it has all the three Shaktis. If we look at this picture of Paramtma’s , if we are the reflection of Paramatma, then these three powers are operational in Paramatma. And as if we are tiny cells made inside Him. Like if this is a macrocosm, we are a microcosm. This way we are sitting inside Him like Him. We have to just get awakened for the all-pervading Paramatma’s shakti to flow through us. Until this happens you can’t get the joy. Until you do not get the movement, you cannot reach your life’s goal. You may possess whatever material thing of this world, still you will not get happiness. You will not be joyful. 

You are watching in front of you, I have shown you many chakras and Kundalini rises only after passing through these chakras. Now I will describe the seven chakras which are inside this. Don’t keep doubting whether they are there or not or Mataji is just talking like that. Even if you are a scientist, you must have an open mind. I am placing before you a hypothesis. You accept, you look at it. If it happens, if it is good,  if it manifests, then you accept it. These seven subtle chakras inside us can definitely be seen from outside and the doctors call them plexus. Simultaneously, I will also tell their names which are present in their subtle manifestation in the form of plexus, a gross matter, which can be seen. You can understand that there are some arrangements inside us over which we have no control. Like your heart, it is working on its own. Your stomach’s movement is happening by itself. Your breathing is happening on its own. There are many tasks which are happening by themselves. Out of these, you can increase your heart rate. If you start running, your heart rate can go up. But it comes down by itself, you can’t reduce it. You can increase your breathing rate but can’t reduce it. The process of reduction is also self-propelled. One is which you can increase, bring into use in an emergency, which you can grab, that is the sympathetic nervous system. There is another over which you have no control that is the parasympathetic nervous system. And as I said, the sympathetic nervous system is propelled by Ida and Pingala nadis and the Parasympathetic nervous system in the center is propelled by the Sushumna nadi. 

There are some centers inside us that are sustained by these three nadis. In these centers, many deities are seated. Many will say, Mataji don’t talk about deities, this is not scientific. But can people of science answer all the questions? If you ask a simple question, ask a doctor. If any foreign thing is introduced in our body, it is thrown out by the body immediately. It makes all efforts to throw it out of the body. But when a mother has a baby in her womb that is not thrown out. It is groomed, taken care of, and nourished. Who does this? Who takes this decision? Where does this discretion come from? Does anybody think about this? How does this happen? When a baby comes into a mother’s womb, the grooming starts instead of throwing that out. There are so many questions like this and doctors can’t give a reply to any of these questions. There are two chemicals by the name acetylcholine and adrenaline and when they enter our body or when they operate in our body their action is different. Like when it has to relax, i.e. augment,  it cuts down. Doctors say we can’t explain the action mode of these. In such matters, they give a stereotyped reply, ‘We can’t explain it’. Alright, their reply is also true. In this there is an important truth, at least they accept it. Because their search is from outside, in the dark when you go somewhere, you can’t see the totality, you get one thing, then another, etc. they can’t be connected. When you take one thing and keep on analysing it, you reach a point where you forget the whole thing. You know that one doctor examines one eye and another doctor examines the other eye. If you have to get your whole body examined, you have to pay at least 60 doctors. When a human is one and his art, his music, his poetry where do they come from? No one has any idea about it. Because when a man searches from outside this is what happens. But one thing is possible; if in this dark room there is illuminated suddenly, everything can be known at once. This is our Sahaja Yoga. 

Inside us is placed at the bottom part in a triangular bone- can you see here?-  in three and a half coils, a Shakti called Kundalini. I have already told you whether it is there or not, I will show it. This power is in a dormant state. It will be in a dormant state till an authorised person comes before it. The authorised person will very rarely be there, almost non-existent. I have not found anyone at least since my birth, in this janma. There are some people in this world whom I can say are realised, but no one is around, they are in jungles. Very few. Almost negligible-may be one or two. When someone comes in, it will manifest, because it is Chaitanya, awareness. This thinks, understands, organises. We cannot think of a power that thinks, understands and coordinates and loves. We cannot understand any such power. But if we can do all these there must be some or other source. After all, how do we do all these works? What is not present in the tree, how can it be there in the fruit? There must be a source for this, it must be located somewhere, which we love, think, and does all works. A small trace of that power flows through you and everyone in the  Sushumna nadi and is seated in these three and a half coils- there are math and shastra in this also- and there is a beautiful arrangement inside. And it remains dormant. Many claim that we can awaken Kundalini. I come across many. Many have also written books. If you come here after reading those books, you will be jittery, ‘Mataji Kundalini is a frightening thing’. If it is your mother, can your mother be frightening? The entire world can be frightening, but not a mother. She is your mother and is born with you in all your lives. The mother who gave you birth may change, but she will not change. The kundalini moves with you, stays with you, it stays inside you, she knows you, she knows your mistakes, she knows your good deeds, she is familiar with your deeds. Such an entity, can it harm you? How can it? But one who is not authorised only can talk ill. 

If you see below Kundalini, there is a center with four petals. Where Kundalini is seated, it is called Mooladhar, because the base of the origin is located there; It is its residence. Placed outside this residence, much below is a center called Mooladhara Chakra. There is a big difference between Mooladhar and Mooladhara chakra. Mooladhara chakra is below and Mooldhar is above.  In Mooladhar, your mother kundalini is seated in the Gouri shakti form. Gouri is taking a bath and below Ganesha is protecting Her. In this first center, Shri Ganesha dwells. Someone may say how is Shri Ganesha coming into the picture. Whether Shri Ganesha is there or not we will see later. Shri Ganesha is a symbolic form. He is symbolic of an eternal child. Shri Ganesha is an eternal child. We have many symbolisms in us, this the psychologists believe. They have worked hard on this. They say there is an all-pervading universal unconscious, which is inside us in a symbolic form and gives us dreams. They didn’t have the power of meditation, otherwise, they would have seen it. But if one can have the power to go into meditation, he can see it; the existence of Shri Ganesha at this place. Whether it is true or not I Will show you as we proceed in the Kundalini Yoga. All those who are here have experienced it. You have not. You will also experience it. Shri Ganesha has his place here. Shri Ganesha is seated in this chakra because when you want Kundalini to be awakened, your Maa Gouri to be awakened, you should have towards your mother the innocence of a child, you should have the same innocence towards sex. Because Shri Ganesha who is sitting on the four-petalled chakra, sex is also controlled from this chakra. There is no other way for going towards Paramatma, absolutely not. If someone trespasses into this path Shri Ganesha gets angry; Can you have sex with your mother? Those who are talking about sex this way, they are teaching this – you can have sex with your mother. A Hindustani (Indian) can easily understand this; there can be no greater misdeed ,sin, curse than this. In the Mooladhara chakra, Shri Ganesha is protecting His mother’s modesty. These days lots of people go around claiming to be Krishna Ji and they are propagating dirty ideas like sublimate your sex. You are already sublimated, note it. Mooladhara chakra is below and Kundalini is seated above. Only because you indulge in such activities, you feel the heat inside you which is due to Shri Ganesha’s anger. He gets angry with you and only because of his anger Kundalini gets lightened. Kundalini does do anything, It is stationed at its place. Kundalini does not move. It is because of Shri Ganesha’s anger, beyond Kundalini-there being no role of Kundalini-  the sympathetic nervous system is damaged and you will have many types of discomforts inside you. Some will get blisters all over. I have seen it. I have to treat those who are affected by this. Blisters appear all over the body. Such is the anger of Shri Ganesha. Many have problems with their hands and legs. Some people start shouting, some start screaming. Some undress themselves. Some get intoxicated. Some start murmuring, some start seeing light. All kinds of things happen.

 I went to a place called Kolhapur. A person was sitting with his legs towards me. People told him, you should not sit with your legs facing Shri Mataji. He said, ’Let me sit like this, otherwise I will jump like a frog’. I asked why do you jump like a frog? He said,’ My guru has raised my Kundalini and that is why I jump like a frog’. Do not raise Kundalini by mere talk. What more disrespect can be shown towards something Which is there for your benefit, your happiness, your joy than this. There should be no such symptoms. Yes, if your health is not okay, maybe your Kundalini raises a little bit and goes to the place where there is a problem and stops there. It will stay there for one or two days. It may so happen that you have some heat in the body. There was a person who had a complaint, and he had his thumb shaking like this, not much. Because you should have Indications also.

 When this Kundalini is awakened, it passes through six chakras because the seventh one, Mooladhara chakra is at the bottom and it can’t be pierced. That is why we call shat chakra-six chakras- See how real this is, the Mooladhara chakra can’t be pierced. That is why we should not talk about it when referring to the Kundalini. Yes, if you are an impure person and licentious, if you have not cared for your Ganesh Ji even a little bit, if you have spent your life foolishly,  then surely a vacuum will form inside you and whenever the Kundalini tries to ascend, it slides down immediately. This can happen. That is another matter. If you have not cared for Ganesh Ji, this can happen. But in Sahaja Yoga this is forgiven, I have seen. Even if you were like this before, you are forgiven. It is very important that when you are in front of Paramatma and you desire His blessings, you check your purity. Do I have purity? You understand the difference between a mother and a sister or not. It is very important. When Mooladhar chakra deteriorates, one gets many problems related to sex. You can have problems such as constipation etc. because this chakra is just below the anus.

Just above this chakra in the center of stomach, you will see what we call the Nabhi chakra. This is also called Manipura chakra- Nabhi chakra or Manipura chakra. Manipura chakra is behind the Nabhi- navel in the spine in this place (the chart is shown). And the plexus which is operated by this chakra is called solar plexus. The chakra is in the spine but the plexus is in the front. It is located outside the spine and this is gross. The subtle chakra is inside the spine and is called the medulla oblongata. It is in the medulla oblongata in the spine. The solar plexus operates all the organs in the stomach. You will see another chakra that comes out of this chakra and moves all around. This is called Swadishthan chakra. This chakra has six petals. Shri Brahmadev dwells here and Shri Saraswati is his shakti. In the Nabhi chakra dwells Shri Vishnu and Laxmiji is his shakti. If someone is very poor, it is possible his Nabhi chakra is impaired. Nabhi chakra of our country is impaired. That is why there is so much poverty here. You do lots of pujas on Laxmiji, do anything, you will not gain. Till such time your Nabhi chakra is not alright, your condition will not be good. But Laxmiji does not mean money. Listen carefully. Today I will tell you about these two chakras and make you meditate and tomorrow I will tell the rest. I will tell only about Laxmi Ji and Saraswatiji. 

This is not imagination, it is real, actual. Because Nabhi chakra establishes righteousness in us. There are ten dharmas of humans. They should be there. If one is unable to follow all of them, he is not useful for Sahaja Yoga. His dharmas have to be bound. He can’t be awakened. These are the ten dharmas. These should be inside us, as a minimum. Only when he has these he can go beyond dharma. Laxmiji is in feminine form. It means She should have a mother’s heart, who has money.  One can be called Laxmipati only when he is extremely good-hearted and who has a motherly instinct. Secondly, Laxmiji is standing on a lotus, light. That means that a Laxmipati should be very light about himself, So much simplicity that he can stand even on a lotus. I observe that if someone has a little money, he becomes so arrogant. He will tell me, ‘Look Mataji, I want to get realisation but I can’t come to that hall and be among those people, You have to come to my house’. I said why is it because you have more money? And you can’t sit with others? Such a person shouldn’t have even a wee bit of arrogance, then only he is a Laxmipati. If he has arrogance because of money, then he is ruined. Then how is he rich? One who is actually rich, he has everything of his own, he is never arrogant of anything. Only when he has knocked it from others, he will become arrogant. Or he lacks something that is why he is arrogant. If he has everything he is never arrogant. Do we go around showing arrogance that we have noses, eyes, ears? Laxmiji has pink coloured lotuses in her both hands. These pink lotuses are fully bloomed. Like that Laxmipati should have an open heart like these lotuses. He should be an open-hearted man. If someone comes, he starts barking, how can he be Laxmipati? He is a dog then; He can’t be a Laxmipati. Like a lotus whose fragrance is spread in the whole world, people will know that there lives Laxmipati here and they bow to him.. Laxmi has all over this man. He is a moneyed man, he can’t be Laxmipati. Behind his back they will say he is a drunkard, he is that, etc,.He is a black marketer and so on. No one praises him. He has no grace. There is no beauty. There are some people like that. 

Where I was born there was a person. He was called Laxminarayan, a very rich man. You can call him Laxmipati. Extremely unassuming, very simple, His nature was like that of a child. I have seen many but very few are like him. And their house should be like a lotus, beautiful, rose-like, in which there should be rose shade in the heart, pull of the heart, people accept him, people should visit that house. Coral like creature also finds a place in the lotus. And make them feel comfortable and make them rest and they feel cozy. The heart should be soft. Have you seen anyone like that? If you come across one, please let me know. Very difficult. They got money and became donkeys. If not anything, they will drink or gamble. What kind of nature is that? Once he makes money his wisdom takes a beating, his intellect is worse than that of a horse. I am surprised when I think of it. If he can’t get a good sense from money, what is the use of such money? Only such money is of value which gives good sense to the human. His righteousness is awakened. Paramatma gives you more money for you to take up religious works. The world is blessed. I will tell you that there is a close relationship between religion and money, whether you believe it or not. Yesterday I told you that I went to someone’s house and they said you must definitely come here, there is important work here. They are very rich people etc.I said I don’t understand money, I will go. They said, ‘It is in your way’.  As soon I stepped in I said this house is cursed, you may be rich or whatever. They said how? I said it is cursed. When I saw their young two adolescent children and they were seated in the chairs all the time, legs and hands spread like this. They are like this from the time they are born. What do you do with that money? You move around on an elephant. Your two children are like this. Outside the house itself, I could feel that this house is cursed. You are cursed with money, your earning, your spending has no religion involved. In the same way, many houses have been cursed. Someone’s wife has gone mad, some had this problem, some had some other problem. Someone says we did not get a child, some other person says this has happened. Not having children is not a curse. But the way it affects them is the curse. That is why there is a tight relation between money and religion.